Monday, 1 September 2014

We Love Stuck on You Personalised #BacktoSchool Products

Stuck on You, quality personalised stationery, Back to School

I was going to post this in my Back to School guide, but there was a delay and suddenly my PC won't recognise my camera anymore! After all the panic, I can finally publish the post on the first day of September, hopefully not too late for Back to School as I really love Stuck on You personalised products, and would really love to recommend them to you if you haven't already heard of them.

We've been reviewing Stuck on You products for a few years now, and I have bought from them as well as they have so many choices. Every single product we've used, let it be pens, pencils or bags, are all made from great quality materials, and we just can't get enough of them! For 2014 Back to School feature, we were sent:

Penny Scallan Embroidered Lunchbox in Pink Birds Pattern (£24.99)
Large Classic Stick on Clothing Label (£9.99)
Journal in Monsters in Go Karts Pattern (£15.99)

Stuck on You, quality personalised stationery, Back to School

Stuck on You, quality personalised stationery, Back to School

I have no idea why I've never ordered these Stick On Clothing labels! (13 colour choices, 8 font styles and 2 Chinese font choices, and 52 icons choices) I had labels from Stuck on You before, but they are either for shoes or you have to iron them on. They are made of fantastic quality of course, but these are even better as you don't have to iron or sew them on if you don't want to! You can of course, to add extra security to the labels, but with 50 labels in the pack, I have no fear!

These labels have a canvas-like texture, and they stick on plastic or fabric easily enough. Unless you pick on the label, it more or less stays on! Abby has proven to be a very forgetful child when it comes to bringing things home including bottles and cardigans, and they have ended up in the Lost and Found section all the time (I had some problem finding my Stuck on You labels last year, time to tidy up!). These labels are so easy to use I've happily stuck them on every single piece of her school uniform at the most obvious places. None should go missing this year!

Stuck on You, quality personalised stationery, Back to School

Stuck on You, quality personalised stationery, Back to School

Stuck on You, quality personalised stationery, Back to School

This lunch bag from Stuck on You Penny Scallan range is beautiful! Abby will be having school dinners on her final infant year as it's free, so we will be using this lunch bag next year or for going out. It's absolutely lovely and well made. The 2 zippers and name tag are bird shaped as well! Abby absolutely loves it and she has already taken it out for snack times! It is fairly spacious but not too big (some lunch bags are massive!), and can easily hold a lunchbox and a bottle of water and/ or snacks. There is also a side compartment where I normally put soviet and cutlery.

They come in 4 designs, 5 font styles and 10 font colour choices.

Stuck on You, quality personalised stationery, Back to School

Stuck on You, quality personalised stationery, Back to School

You can't go back to school without a new set of exercise books and journals! I definitely recommend Stuck on You writing and drawing books because they use top quality paper for their products. It just makes writing so much easier. I used to write on recycled paper and it was rough, and my writing was bumpy. It's quite hard for a child to control their writing pressure, so a smooth and thick paper will definitely help them make writing easier.

The Journals comes in 39 designs and 8 font styles.

I seriously can't recommend them enough. You know sometimes you get crappy quality felt pens or crayons even though they are nicely packaged, but you get both pretty design and quality products from Stuck on You. It certainly makes Back to School easier! They also have a range of clothing and For Home products too. So check them out if you haven't already done so!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Cirque Du Hilarious Blackpool 2014

Cirque Du Hilarious, Circus in the UK, Family entertainment

To be honest, when we went to see Cirque Du Hilarious at Blackpool Central Pier, we weren't sure what to expect. We obviously haven't done our homework before we went to see them, otherwise we would have known that they have been fairly successful in the business for 10 years and have been performing pantomimes as well in the North East. If I'd have known, I'd probably be slightly less impressed as their utterly hilarious performance would have been expected from them!

Cirque Du Hilarious, Circus in the UK, Family entertainment

Cirque Du Hilarious, Circus in the UK, Family entertainment

As it's almost the end of their Blackpool show, and the weather outside was too good, there weren't as many people there as there should be. After watching the show, I really think that these guys deserve way more audience than on the Sunday we went to, something like a full audience at Butlins or Theatre Royal in Newcastle upon Tyne sounds about right!

Cirque Du Hilarious, Circus in the UK, Family entertainment

Cirque Du Hilarious, Circus in the UK, Family entertainment

The show started with slapstick comedy talk and we couldn't stop laughing already! Some of the jokes were bordering adults only, but the kids laughed at them anyway even though they don't quite get the dirtier ones, because the expressions and acts by Clive (father), Danny (son) and Co was just too funny! There were plenty of interactions with the audience as well, and we've been thrown with things that was pretty out of the ordinary (it was harmless don't worry!)!

I don't think we've stopped laughing since the beginning of the show. I was very pleased to hear Abby's hearty laughter, which she only let out when she was truly amused, and I was in tears already in the first half of the show!

Needless to say, our favourite joke was Danny's famous "He killed the pigeon! Arrrwww!!" joke. The joke on it's own isn't as funny as their "How to get a girl's attention" jokes, but it's the way they performed it made it so helplessly funny and memorable. We are still saying it every so often, but you really have to see them telling it to understand why it's so famous!

Apart from awesome jokes, the team also performed jaw dropping magic tricks. To be honest it was totally unexpected from them as they've been bombarding us with laughter and silliness for a good half an hour, you just can't take them seriously. Then they blew us away with magic tricks you would only expect from serious magic shows, showing us that Cirque Du Hilarious is more than just a comedy act. They have left us in wonder, and we still can't work out where the pigeons (so so well trained and well behaved pigeons!) went!

In between acts we got to see the beautiful Cirque Du Hilarious Dancers dancing, and we love that part of the show too.

Cirque Du Hilarious, Circus in the UK, Family entertainment

Cirque Du Hilarious, Circus in the UK, Family entertainment
They moved so quick I didn't even see how Danny managed to lose his drum the first time lol
Cirque Du Hilarious, Circus in the UK, Family entertainment

Apart from amazing comedians and magicians, they are also pretty good musicians and have their own band called the Clown Force. Mick (also Clive's son, the tall one) has been acting as the silent and dumb one (love his expression!), but he shocked and impressed us when he opened his mouth and sing! They are very good at playing music with the tooting horns too!

We have spent one of the most entertaining 1 hour 20 minutes (plus 10 minutes break) at Blackpool Central Pier and we can do with more! We'd definitely love to see them again!

Although their Blackpool show is coming to an end (last 2 acts are on Saturday 30th August 3:30pm and Sunday 31st August 3:30pm), you can still find them at

- one of Butlin's resorts in the next few months
- Cardiff New Theatre on Monday 27th October
- Newcastle Upon Tyne Theatre Royal for their Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Pantomime between November to January 2015

I can't recommend them enough. Do catch them when you can!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Next Possible Holiday Destination - Lanzarote

Images from
Haha yes. I have been doing some browsing on the Internet for our next holiday destination, as we have under-estimated the number of people who plan for and book their holiday months in advance. It is quite the opposite of what we are used to in Asia as holiday bookings are only released around 3 months before the holiday period!

So I was looking at holidays in Spain, and found some details about an island called Lanzarote. It's a Spanish Canary island, and erupted (volcanic island) during the 18th and 19th centuries. Because of the lack of erosion, Lanzarote still looks very similar to when it first erupted, so it looks quite unique compared to the rest of the world. Although it's volcanic, it actually have several white beaches, which was what I was aiming for our next holiday!

When I saw the above stunning pictures from Lanzarote, I thought, that's the experience I can get while enjoying a sun, sea and beach holiday at the same time! I would absolutely love to visit that beautiful volcanic tunnel - Atlantida Tunnel too, which is the longest in the World.

Apart from sight seeing and beaches, there are also shopping and open flea markets, diving and fishing, which would make this holiday very interesting! Budget is a major issue for us, and I would need really cheap flights to accommodate the comfort and all inclusive holiday I'm looking for. I had a look around for flights to Lanzarote and it's not bad at all! They fly during October half term and it works out to be about £996.00 including tax for the 4 of us, leaving me enough for maybe a 3 to 4 star accommodation all inclusive!

Just typing this out makes me feel really excited – this Spanish sunny island really has a lot to offer: a combination of lying on the beach and do nothing while the kids play with sand, and exploring a volcanic island that we've never done before! Bliss!

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