Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Scentco Scented Activity Set and Plush

Me and the kids love to collect all sorts of pretty stationery and we each have our favourites. While I love sparkly crystal ones and Clay loves his super heroes' ones, Abby's favourite is any stationery that are cute and scented.

I came across Scentco scented stationery at the Toy Fair and knew that I should keep an eye out for their range because I knew Abby will love them. They have a 2 years scent guarantee too, which is definitely a bonus as some of her scented pencils doesn't smell much anymore.

Scentco's Smanimals and Scented Activity Kit, kids happily sniffing the scented bear and scented pencils

We've received a Scentco's Smanimals Scented Stuffed Animal (£7.50, suitable for children 3 years+) and Scentco's Scented Activity Kit (£12, suitable for 3 years +), which are one of the items that couldn't make it to our Christmas Gifts Guide as I received them after we can review them for the guide, but we really like them both and think that they will make deliciously scented Christmas stocking fillers for those who love scented stationery and plush.

Scentco's Smanimals Strawberry Teddy Bear from the front and back

Scentco's Smanimals Strawberry Teddy Bear close up to see the texture around the nose

Scentco's Smanimals Strawberry Teddy Bear information

Scentco's Smanimals Strawberry Teddy Bear smells absolutely delicious! It fits snuggly in my hand and is the perfect size for little hands. It feels really soft but beany, so we are guessing that it's filled with scented beads. I think it'll even make a cute gift for grown ups to put on their desk for the cuteness and whiffs of strawberry scent!

There are 6 to collect, each with a delicious food smell.

Scentco Scented Activity Kit's scented pencils and the kit's content unboxed

Scentco Scented Activity Kit close up on sticker sheet, and one colouring sheet coloured

Scentco's Scented Activity Kit is perfect for travelling, and because it comes with assorted items inside, it'll definitely make a lovely stocking filler. It comes with 4 scented colouring pencils, 5 colouring sheets and a sticker sheet full of cute stickers. The colouring pencils colours really well, and each smells quite strong (I have no doubt it will last for 2 years!) of fruits.

The blueberry pencil stood out the most to us because it smelled exactly like Yam Bubble Tea (the purple drink), although it was meant to be blueberry. Initially I thought it was just me thinking that, but both Abby and Clay said exactly the same thing on different occasions! It is one of my favourite bubble tea drink and the kids love the scent too.

I think we will collect the other colours from the Scentco colouring range as well because 4 colours and 4 scents are definitely not enough for us!

If you know someone who loves scented stationery and teddies, do take a look at Scentco's range, they have a lot of other products too and they all smell delicious!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Winter Wonderland 2017 at Manchester Event City

We are so so excited! It's the first year that we will be going to Winter Wonderland in EventCity, Manchester, and we have heard a lot of good things about it! Just looking at the pictures from last year on their website makes me want to be there now!

There will be over 70 family rides and attractions indoor, so you won't have to worry about bad chilly weather outside. There are also shows on stage, Christmas Circus, Santa's Grotto with real reindeers, as well as fairies and elves we can take selfies with. Then there are food, drinks and prize stalls too, it couldn't be more festive than that!

If you are interested to find out more, read on for further details.

What: Winter Wonderland Indoor Christmas Attraction
When: Saturday 9th December 2017 to Monday 1st January 2018
Where: EventCity, Manchester (M17 8AS on Sat Nav)
Parking: Free (3000 free parking at the EventCity)
Security: Bag and Body checks, additional security guards etc (see the website's FAQ page for more details. Arriving earlier to go through security is recommended)
Cloak Room: £1 per item

Ticket Price - Online pre-booking:

  • £20.50 per person
  • £70 for a family of 4 (2 adults 2 children, or 1 adult 3 children)
  • £15 for OAP
  • Children under 3 years old go free

Note: There is a £1.50 online booking fee per person

Ticket Price at the door:

  • £22 per person
  • £76 per family of 4  (2 adults 2 children, or 1 adult 3 children)
  • £17 per OAP
  • Children under 3 years old go free

Note: There is no additional fees

Each session last for 4 hours and has a set maximum number of visitors to avoid overcrowding and long queues

What's included in the ticket price (see last year's pictures here):

  • Fun fair rides
  • Santa Meet & Greet (available until 24th December 2017, queues closes 30 minutes before the end of each session): There is an option to add a "Gift from Santa" should you wish from the Santa Workshop for £3.50 per gift (payable in cash) before entering the grotto
  • Pip Ahoy! (sand pit for children to play on)
  • Shows:
          - Rainbow Live with Zippy & George (comedy act)
          - Christmas Circus (includes workshop on site to try your own circus skills)
          - The Ice Princesses
          - Jedi Knight Training
          - The New Daisy & Ollie Show (Cartoonito channel)
          - Christmas Melt-Down (dancing fun on the main stage with the crazy DJ)

Payable Stalls and Attractions:
Food, drinks and prize stalls (cash) including a German bar, hot drinks and food, and sweets

There is also a mini make-over stand and personalised gifts stand

Winter Wonderland Manchester sounds amazing and we can't wait to go! If you want to stay up to date, do follow them on Facebook and Twitter, they are currently giving away a family ticket!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Perfect Breakfast with Ready Brek and Despicable Me 3

We have always been fans of porridge, especially the super smooth, easy to eat and easy to make Ready Brek as it makes a quick, delicious and warming breakfast, especially during the colder mornings.

I also love to use the original Ready Brek to make healthy yet really delicious banana and chocolate muffins (just Ready Brek original oats, mashed banana, cocoa powder, walnut chunks and honey! I can do with some right now), as it makes a much smoother mixture.

Although those muffins are scrumptious, the kids still prefer to eat Ready Brek the original porridge way, and flavour them with either a spoonful of golden syrup or strawberry jam.

Ready Brek oat porridge Despicable Me 3 promotion pack, Despicable Me 3 DVD and Despicable Me 3 Mineez Fizz n Surprise

Picture of the kids Ready Brek porridge breakfast, one with golden syrup and the other with a dollop of jam, and the box of Despicable Me 3 DVD
The kids love Ready Brek with a spoonful of golden syrup or strawberry jam
Ready Brek has kindly sent us a lovely Despicable Me 3 themed package to promote their new giveaway where you can win Despicable Me 3 prizes including night-vision goggles and remote control drones (last until 14th January 2018. Read package for more details)!

When I announced last Sunday morning that it was Ready Brek porridge for breakfast and they can watch Despicable Me 3 DVD at the same time, the kids were super excited! What I didn't tell them until after is that I also have a Despicable Me 3 surprise for them to play with!

They absolutely enjoyed their yummy breakfast while watching one of their favourite show.

The kids watching the Mineez fixx bomb dissolve in a sink of water

stages of the Mineez fixx bomb dissolving and revealing a mini submarine toy with 2 squishy Minions inside

The kids holding a Mineez Minion each, and the back of the pack for comparison to show which Minion they've received

The kids were really excited when I showed them the Despicable Me 3 Mineez Fizz 'n' Surprise Submarine! They couldn't wait to see which Minions they received from the fizz bomb. They are a fan of bath bombs and was a tad disappointed when I told them that it's not suitable for bath haha! They eagerly drop the Mineez into the sink full of cold water and watched the Mineez fizz with amusement.

The Mineez Fizz 'n' Surprise revealed a super adorable mini sub (that Clay took to bed that night. And then into our bed with him!) and 2 squishy Minions. According to the back of the packaging, we received Miss Minion and Snorkling Minion, and it seems like Miss Minion is a rare one? Anyway they both loved them, and love watching them turn green under the icy cold water!

The kids had a really fun morning with Ready Brek and Despicable Me3! You can buy the new promotion packs, Despicable Me3 DVD and Mineez Fizz 'n' Surprise Submarine now and hold your own fun breakfast morning too.