Friday, 17 October 2014

Affordable Good Shoes from Shoe Zone

Shoe Zone affordable shoes, lady shoes, kids shoes

If you have kids, you are probably feeling the pinch like us when it comes to children shoes, or have worked out a way of cutting down the cost (I haven't yet until now!). Children grow out of their shoes much faster than clothes, and you can't possibly buy a size or 2 bigger as that will hinder their feet development.

Abby and Clay's feet are being closely monitored by us and NHS specialists. Clay doesn't need additional help at the moment, but Abby was prescribed insoles, and the active her gets pain in her legs often. We were told to make sure that they wear shoes with a solid heel support, so pumps and pretty sandals are only worn on rare occasions. Problem is, good comfy shoes aren't cheap in this country, so we normally stick to the one shoe brand for the kids (even though they don't necessarily last longer for that price *hmprf*). Recently we were given the opportunity to review some shoes (including a pair for me too, yay!) from Shoe Zone and I'm so glad that we did, as it has finally opened up another place for us to shop for fairly good shoes without hurting our purse.

Shoe Zone affordable shoes, lady shoes, kids shoes

Shoe Zone affordable shoes, lady shoes, kids shoes

I'm someone who'd normally wear boots, so I went for the pretty Lilley Womens Black Diamante Pointed Toe Court shoes for a change, which are only £9.99, cut from the original £12.99. There are plenty of reviews to help me with what size to opt for, and it's more or less true to my size.

I wore them to a 50th Anniversary party and they were lovely under the disco lights! As the heels are quite low (I'm not good with high heels unless it's chunky), I was fairly comfortable throughout the night. I think that they suit skinny jeans as well, and even my boot cut ones don't look too bad with them!

Shoe Zone affordable shoes, lady shoes, kids shoes

Clay just happened to need a pair of shoes suitable for the colder season, so we were glad to let him try these Boys Navy and Grey Trainerwith Velcro Fastenings. They are solid with good heel support and soft, thickly padded insoles, and are only £9.99, discounted from the original £12.99.

The colour of these shoes is exactly what Clay would choose, so they matches perfectly with his glasses and jacket! Clay can be quite picky when it comes to shoes but has happily accepted these. They are about half a size too big, but the adjustable Velcro fastenings can be pulled tighter to hold them on his feet, so he doesn't need to put in extra effort to walk in them. He has no problem running in them at all and they really suit him!

Shoe Zone affordable shoes, lady shoes, kids shoes

Shoe Zone affordable shoes, lady shoes, kids shoes

Abby needed a pair of boots, and judging from the picture on their website, I thought that these Walkright Patent Black Flower Gem Calf Boots has what looked like a really solid heel support, exactly what the specialist told us to get for her. These boots are really pretty and I knew she'll love them. The boots are only £14.99, less than some pumps you get from other shops!

I didn't notice the side zips until we got the boots as I was too focused on the heels haha. No problem there for Abby to put her prescribed insoles in and pull them up! According to Abby the boots are a perfect fit and very comfortable. She looks really good in them too.

Shoe Zone affordable shoes, lady shoes, kids shoes

There were times when we bought them shoes that weren't very comfortable or weren't to their taste, I was so glad that they both liked their shoes from Shoe Zone, as much as I liked mine. It's safe to say that we'd definitely be visiting their shops or even online for easy shopping, and I'm just glad that there is a place where we can shop for shoes without worrying about our wallets and quality of the shoes.

Halloween Fun with Swizzles Matlow - Hamper Giveaway!

Halloween for our kids is mostly about the Trick or Treating. This year we are taking our kids to visit their cousins so that they can knock down their neighbours' doors (instead of ours haha) for a year's supply of sweets! While we are preparing their outfits, I have something big and fun for you!

Sweets Giant Swizzels Matlow has some sweet Halloween fun to share with you this year! First off, enter their Facebook Scary Face Competiton (can anyone beat the above?!) for a chance to win 1 of 25 massive sweetie hampers!

They have also teamed up with Gulliver's this October for some Halloween fun - the world's first Swizzels Trick or Treat Trail at all three Gulliver's theme parks!


Date: between Saturday 25th October to Friday 31st October 2014
Place: Gulliver's theme parks in Warrington, Matlock Bath and Milton Keynes

- The Trail promises to be full of scary surprises, with children who dare to enter set to face multiple spooky challenges to earn their sweet treats at various different themed stations.

- Games include: playing the Monster Mash to win a Drumstick lolly and mixing a secret Rainbow Drops potion with Gulliver's witches to win a surprise Swizzels treat

- Families are encouraged to dress up in their ghoulish get-ups to be in with a chance of winning one of the best dressed prizes that will be on offer

- 80,000 Swizzels sweets will be transported to the 3 Trick or Treat Trails

- Haunted Gulliver's rides and attractions in addition to the extra fun of the Swizzels Trail

If you haven't planned anything yet for the October half term, I'd say that Gulliver's is the place to go! For those who'd like an extra treat, enter the following Rafflecopter giveaway to win Swizzels' awesome Halloween hamper that includes:

  • Family Ticket (of 4) to Gulliver's theme park of your choice!
  • Swizzels Trick or Sweet Bag
  • Swizzels Trick or Treat Bag
  • Swizzels Chew Chew Bag
  • Swizzels Drumstick Squashies - Sour Cherry and Apple

A bag of sweets per person to start the Swizzels Trick or Treat Trail, I'm jealous! To enter, simply follow the Rafflecopter's instructions. Bear in mind that this giveaway will end soon so that the winner can enjoy the Halloween fun during this half term. So get reading the Giveaway Terms and Conditions (especially regarding the tickets), enter and good luck! x

Deadline: Wednesday 22nd October 2014 midnight (where 12:01am is Thursday)

Terms & Conditions:
  • The giveaway is open to UK and N. Ireland only
  • It is mandatory to leave a comment in the post's comment section (Disqus) to enter the giveaway. Please make sure that you are not leaving an answer as Anonymous, as I would not be able to check whether you've left an answer. If you have to answer as Anonymous, or if your Disqus ID is different from your Rafflecopter entry name, please add a means of ID on your answer that I can use to link it to your Rafflecopter entry. Unfortunately if I can't, all your entries will not be counted.
  • If you have problem accessing Disqus, I also accept the a comment left on Facebook under the competition post.
  • Please make sure that your email used to enter the Rafflecopter is active, and you do check the spam folder in case the email I sent you ended up there
  • All entries will be checked.
  • Winner will be drawn by the Rafflecopter randomly.
  • The family ticket is for 4 person (under 16s must be accompanied by at least 1 adult, and an adult must be accompanied by a child. Children under 90cm height goes free). If your family has more than 2-3 children, please let me know and the press office will see what they can do.
  • Tickets are non-transferable.
  • No cash alternative, accommodation or travel are provided for this giveaway
  • Winner will be announced by Thursday 23rd October 2014 on here, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Winner will have to respond to my email by Friday 24th October, 2014 noon. A new winner will be chosen after this.
  • Winner's details (Name, contact number, number of under 16s and over) will be added to the chosen Gulliver's theme park's entry list. I'm not responsible for any prize issue, but if you have any enquiry do let me know and I'll try my best to help
  • For a simple guide to Rafflecopter, please read Di Coke's Rafflecopter Guide
  • Please read Rafflecopter's privacy policy as well
This giveaway is also listed on:

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

CBeebies Christmas Show 2014 - Peter Pan

CBeebies Christmas Show 2014, Peter Pan Panto, Christmas Panto

Last month I've posted about the release of CBeebies Christmas Show 2014 tickets that were free to apply. Have you managed to get the tickets? We weren't allocated any, but were lucky to be invited as press to watch the show last Saturday.

CBeebies Christmas Show 2014, Peter Pan Panto, Christmas Panto

When we got there, the riverside was already packed with families queuing up for CBeebies fun! The theme was pirates to match the CBeebies Christmas Show title - Peter Pan, but there were lots of different things to do as well including den building (with sticks!), shopping game and pictures taking with 2 really funny Captain Jack Sparrows! For those who weren't allocated a ticket there was still plenty to do, and there was a lot of shows on stage as well including Dr. Ranj, Rastamouse and Tree Fu Tom, keeping everyone busy while they were waiting to watch the filming of Peter Pan live on stage.

We had lunch with the press and press kids, and met Dr.Ranj, Clay's favourite celebrity! As well as some of the Peter Pan casts. Their outfit and makeup were gorgeous, and we couldn't wait to see who they were in the show.

CBeebies Christmas Show 2014, Peter Pan Panto, Christmas Panto

If you are looking for spoilers you've come to the wrong place hehe. I won't spoil such a fantastic production for your little ones, nor for you! All I can say is that we all enjoyed it very much and had fun interacting, all the cast performed really well and we can't wait to see the edited version of it this December. In fact, Abby wanted to watch the next filming at the big screen outside, until I told her that she wouldn't be seeing herself there haha!

We hope that you will love this year's CBeebies Christmas Show as much as we do, and as soon as I'm given the green light to publish some additional pictures, I will do that as soon as possible.

72 days until Christmas!

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