Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Geronimo Tatton Park Update - Dick & Dom

Geronimo Festival 2016, Spring Bank Holiday, Bank holiday family day out

Geronimo Festival 2016, Spring Bank Holiday, Bank holiday family day out
Possibly the last announcement for Geronimo Tatton Park this bank holiday weekend!

First of all, Sunday 29th May tickets are all sold out! Wow! I'm a bit worried now because it's going to be jammed packed haha.

Secondly, Dick & Dom will be there on Monday! I think Abby would rather go on Monday, so I didn't tell her *shhhh*. 2nd tier tickets for Monday are still available so grab them before they are all gone. Remember that children under 2 goes free so they don't need a ticket to go in.

I understand that there are some concerns about Geronimo Festival since Hatfield House, but it was a mixture of unfortunate events. The weather was bad, although having lived in the UK for long enough, it's kind of expected really, I call it the festival wellies weather. The forecast at the moment is dry, so fingers crossed it will at least stay dry. The sun will be a bonus of course!

It was also unfortunate that several food vendors decided not to turn up (I feel really sorry for the PR, they did everything they could). That's a bit unexpected and not something that can be controlled, but now that there is such experience, I believe the people at Geronimo are prepared now. Besides, they have held Geronimo at Tatton Park last year, so the people at Tatton Park know the drill. I have high hopes that it will go smoothly.

I will expect the following however:

- Long queues
especially if you are going on Sunday. Bringing your own food will help, and planning your day ahead of course.

As soon as you arrive (arrive early or late to avoid the traffic. There are 2 entrances in Tatton Park, for more information check Tatton Park's website), go to the activities you want to go first, especially for really popular ones like My Little Pony Bus.

The timetable for the day and Geronimo activities map can be found on Geronimo's home page (just scroll down a bit further to the day you are going). You will be given a map on the day but I'd print one out before hand if you can, it help so much with planning!

- British weather of course! Be prepared for the worst and bring your wellies and raincoats just in case it decided to do one of those "4 season in one day" kind of weather.

- Lots of fun, because when you are prepared for the worst, everything else will be amazing! There are funfair stuff, sporty, arty stuff, music and shows, and it's a bank holiday weekend so let's enjoy it!

If you are going on Sunday, I might see you there! x

Geronimo Festival 2016, Spring Bank Holiday, Bank holiday family day out

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Num Noms Inspired Recipes

Num Noms UK, Scented Toys, Num Noms inspired recipes

Have you got your hands on some Num Noms toys yet? Not only are these scented toys smelling yummy, they look really cute as well and there are many of them to collect.

We have taken on a Num Noms Recipes challenge, where we have to create recipes based on a selection of Nums. As we only had the Citrus pack, the lovely PR has sent us another starter pack as well as a delux pack to add to give us more inspiration. They all smell so gorgeous, but it is quite a challenge to try to put them together without resorting to the simplest fruit salad, or blending them into a smoothie!

So we created the following 2 recipes (I would have created more but it's been a crazy 2 weeks!) that I think will be perfect for this Summer, and one especially good to serve with a barbecue!

Num Noms UK, Scented Toys, Num Noms inspired recipes

The first recipe was created by randomly picking 3 Nums out from the group. I was a bit nervous when Bubblegum appeared! It's not an easily sourced ingredient either!

So the combination was (from top to bottom): Mary Mulberry, Betsy Bubblegum and Choco Nana.

I couldn't find mulberries so I used blueberries instead. And the only Bubblegum I can find that's not the actual gum, is a Bubblegum flavoured ice lolly, which, surprisingly, has a creamy texture.

I was really skeptical at first, but this dessert I created is surprisingly delicious! I had no idea that banana can work so well with bubblegum. The only thing that I think didn't work is the chocolate.

In case you want to give this a try as well, here is the recipe:


1 Bubblegum Ice Lolly (ASDA own brand, 6 lollies in a pack and comes in blue or pink, with a chocolate layer coated on the top), chocolate layer removed
2 Frozen Banana chunks
Few drops of lemon juice
A few blueberries

- Remove the Bubblegum lolly off the lolly stick and mash it into a serving bowl. Before it's completely dissolved, refreeze it back to shape.
- Blend the frozen bananas with the lemon juice.
- Add a dollop of the pureed banana on top of the bubblegum and decorate with blueberries.

Num Noms UK, Scented Toys, Num Noms inspired recipes

Num Noms UK, Scented Toys, Num Noms inspired recipes

Clay and Abby both liked the Nums from the Citrus starter pack. The first thing that came to mind is either shaved ice with fruit or a simple fruit salad. I ended up making a simple yet really refreshing lemonade that will go perfectly well with a barbecue. The pink colour look so pretty too! You can add anything in a fruit lemonade of course, but we are using the ingredients here inspired by the Nums Clay and Abby has chosen (except the mulberry, I ran out of berries!):

The Nums combinations (from top to bottom) were: Lemon Burst, Orange Swirl and Pinkie Lemonade


1/2 Red Grapefruit
1 medium orange
1 slice of lemon
Honey (Optional)
Ice cubes (Ideally)

- Squeeze red grapefruit juice into a glass of ice water (ideally sparkling), until you are happy with the flavour and colour. You can add the flesh into the drink too if you want.
- Stir in honey until it's fully dissolved.
- Add chunks of skinned orange flesh into the glass.
- Decorate with a slice of lemon (or add it into the drink for extra freshness).

Today's weather is beautiful, perfect for a quick barbecue! Why not serve it with your own lemonade or fruit punch?

Happy Summer!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Braun Silk-Expert IPL Hair Removal System - 4 Weeks Later

Braun IPL Hair Removal System review, Intense Pulse Light Home Treatment, 4 weeks after using IPL

Braun IPL Hair Removal System review, Intense Pulse Light Home Treatment, 4 weeks after using IPL

I started testing Braun's IPL Hair Removal System on one of my lower leg less than 5 weeks ago (you can read my unboxing and initial review here), and I already started noticing the difference after the 3rd treatment! I didn't take a picture then because I wouldn't be able to write up the post last week, but here is a 4 weeks 5 days comparison picture that I wanted to show you!

Note: Excuse my legs, I have to show you the result somehow.

Routine every Wednesday night:

- Braun Silk-Expert Sonic Body Exfoliator
- Shave
- Braun Silk-Expert IPL Hair Removal System
- SPF45

4 weeks 5 days later:

Braun IPL Hair Removal System review, Intense Pulse Light Home Treatment, 4 weeks after using IPL

Wow right?! At this rate, I won't be needing to shave my right lower leg for 2 weeks by the end of the 12 weeks treatment! I'm soo tempted to start treating my left leg haha, but I do want to see the difference after 12 weeks, and perhaps not shaving for 2 weeks to see how long it can last before I need another shave.

Another great thing I noticed is that my leg has gotten used to the treatment sensations. It takes me less time to treat my leg, and the hot puffs are hardly worth mentioning now.

I think for the price (it comes with either a Sonic body exfoliator or face cleansing brush), it's worth the investment.

Do read my initial review through the above purple link for further information. I'll do another update in 8 to 10 weeks time.

Disclaimer: Braun Silk-Expert IPL Hair Removal System isn't suitable for everyone as stated by Braun. All opinions on my blog are my own, based on the test results I conducted on myself. This does not mean that the experience and result will be the same for everyone. I also do not represent Braun so for enquiries regarding the IPL itself (do feel free to ask me about my experience and result so far) please contact their customer service.