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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Memebox Superbox #31 - Herbal Cosmetics, Deals & Discount Codes

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

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Find out here what Korean Beauty Box Memebox is about and how it works

Note: Cosmetics in Asia can mean both skincare and makeups
Note2: All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated

I've won the Memebox Herbal Cosmetics box from entering I Love Beauty Boxes' July Memebox giveaway! This Superbox cost $32 plus $6.99 for shipping, so I'm really chuffed to have won! It was posted to me using express delivery too which would have costed me $25.99!

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

The Herbal Cosmetics box, which is currently still in stock, is approx. £22.96 in total. The box is fully packed, with 6 full size products. The box came with

Calmia Herb Cleansing Oil Gel (100ml, worth $18)
Calmia Rooibox Aqua Sprinkler Gel Cream (150ml, worth $34)
Nasarang Herb B.B SPF50+ PA+++ (30g, $46)
Skinfood Bath Salt Honey Jasmine (80g, $3)
Rose Mine Azulene Calming Gel (75ml, $29)
Kskin Rose Sense 100% Essential Oil (5ml, $42)

Total value of this box is $172, although some say that Memebox over valued their products. However, as some of their products aren't available in the market (including Ebay), and the retail price of the products are still higher than what you have paid for for the box, it's worth paying it to get the good things here.

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

According to the info card, the Herb Cleansing Oil Gel is suppose to "turn into milk-coloured foams", but for some reason mine just won't lather up. It actually felt like cleansing milk because of the organic argan oil. The instruction also told me to rinse it off with warm water, which isn't something I'd normally do as I like to use cold water to tighten up my pores after a good clean. Having said that, I was also told to use warm water to rinse my face off by Shiseido's retailer.

Anyway. My skin did feel nourishingly soft afterwards (the kind of feeling you get after patting oil based serum on your face), and my cotton pad was clean when I used Bioderma to do a final sweep, so I guess it's working.

The cleansing oil gel smells very familiar, definitely from one of the skincare or perfume brand you can find in Debenhams. It's pleasant and not too heady.

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

This is my favourite product from the box. The Rooibos (tea leaves high in antioxidant and low in caffeine) Gel Cream is a multi tasker, and can be used as skin booster, toner, emulsion, essence and gel cream. It smells like lemonade and the texture is a bit like pudding as described on the bottle, so a bit between gel and cream like the Goddess Cream from the From Nature box. Skin feels plump and soft after use without feeling sticky. Now if this spray is more cooling, it'll be the perfect spray for this Summer!

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

This BB cream matches my Summer tanned skin very well, though it does have a greyish base tone in it. I'm also not very keen in the smell, which comes from the herb and grain extracts. However, a tiny bit goes a long way, and it settles into my skin really well and it doesn't feel greasy.

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

This smells delicious! I used to love this hard boiled sweet that tasted like honey tea, and this smelled almost like it, but with a stronger smell from the Jasmine. I keep inhaling it while writing this post up, and I can't wait to use it during our holiday! With all the walking to be done, this will be very useful!

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

The Azulene Calming Gel is an after sun gel that smells mildy of chamomile before applying. When applied it gives out a strong smell of alcohol, which evaporates quickly.  The gel gives a burst of moisture to the skin, but it takes a bit longer to absorb than the Rooibos Gel Cream. My skin feels soft afterwards.

I think that the Rooibos and Azulene are fairly similar in what they do. But then, even though the Rooibos might not have the same healing effect that after sun care has, I prefer it over the Azulene. I'm not keen in the alcohol smell from the Azulene, even though it didn't last, and it does take a bit longer to absorb, giving me that sticky feel for a while. So I probably won't use the Azulene unless I ran out of after sun cares.

Herbal Skincare, Memebox Herbal Cosmetics, Memebox Discount Codes

I don't normally use Essential Oil, but I don't think the Korean essential oil is that different from the ones you get anywhere else, let it be top quality or lower. So I don't really see the need for buying Essential Oil from another country. 

I tried it out anyway by diluted a bit of the oil with water and it smelled like a mixture of chest rub and lavender, which was a bit confusing as it's called Rose Sense. Well, to those who bought this box and said that Peppermint is missing from the box but listed in the box description: mystery solved!

Overall I think this is an OK box. It's not something I would have bought, although I'm glad that I've won it of course! I did find over half of the products I'm ok with, 3 that I like and 2 I will use up, so that makes it alright!

If you like what you see in this box, they are currently still available from the website

Favourite product: Rooibos Aqua Sprinkler Gel Cream
Products I like: 3/6
Products I'll consider buying again: 2/6
Products I'll pass on: 2/6

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hera UV Mist Cushion #C23

Korean Beauty, Hera UV Mist Cushion C23, CC Cushion

Having been out of touch with Asian beauty products for years, I was baffled with what CC Cushion is. What's the difference between a normal CC cream and a Cushion? After some research, I was totally sold and know that it's exactly the CC product I needed.

A CC Cushion is basically a CC liquid (runnier than a CC cream) that's stored in a compact container, with a sponge (cushion) on the top. It comes with a puff as well, so it looks just like a compact powder, but in liquid form. The cushion releases just enough CC liquid when pressed with the puff, giving your skin a flawless finish without using too much product.

I bought the Korean brand Hera's UV Mist Cusion, as it has won multiple awards. It uses 100% clay-mineral water containing clay from frozen sea ice instead of purified water. It is finer than fog particles and provides a cooling effect. The ultra-fine emulsion formula, stabilised by dense cells of the cushion, thinly smears onto the puff while pressing the cushion, making it easier to use just enough product to give your skin the coverage needed.

The C23 tone (Comes in Natural N21, N23, Cover C21, C23 and Sheer N22) blended beautifully on my face (my sun tanned arms are darker of course). And here is what it looks like:

Korean Beauty, Hera UV Mist Cushion C23, CC Cushion

Korean Beauty, Hera UV Mist Cushion C23, CC Cushion

Most if not all Korean CC Cushions comes with a refill pack. Simply pop the old pack off the compact shell, and clip the new refill pack in. I'm not sure whether you can use different brand's CC Cushion refill pack here, but refills are definitely recommended for your next buy as it's cheaper that way.

The Hera's UV Mist Cushion comes in a beautiful compact and the mirror inside is clear and sharp. The puff is dense, taking only enough liquid from the cushion.

Korean Beauty, Hera UV Mist Cushion C23, CC Cushion

Korean Beauty, Hera UV Mist Cushion C23, CC Cushion
Puff pressed once on the cushion
Korean Beauty, Hera UV Mist Cushion C23, CC Cushion
Good that my face isn't as dark as my arm!
Before blending
I noticed that it takes a bit longer to blend with the puff than my Beauty Blender (it's just too good at its job!), but the puff is handy as it's already in the compact, so you can do a quick touch up while you are on the go. After swatching the cushion on my arm and applying it all over my face, I went out on a school run and it was chucking down like a public power shower. I was absolutely drenched, but while I was mopping my face and worrying that I looked like a melting clown,  I noticed that the area covered with the cushion on my arm was waterproofed. I looked in the mirror when I went home and there were no streak marks at all!

I'm really pleased with the Hera Mist UV Cushion and glad that I bought the correct colour. If you have a better complexion, the Natural one would be for you. When it comes Winter time, I might need to get the refill for N23, which I heard is lighter than the C23 but not as bright as the C21.

You can buy CC Cushions from Ebay, or For trusted Korean brands, go for Laneige, IOPE, Etude House or Hera (they are all from the same group haha).

Friday, 25 July 2014

CBeebies Magazine - Kids Go Free to Merlin Entertainment Attractions this Summer

CBeebies Magazine, Merlin Entertainments, #CBeebiesMagKidsGoFree

When we thought that we were going to spend the rest of the Summer holiday staying home with chicken pox, we all felt demotivated. Can you imagine staying at home for 6 weeks in this heat with 2 bored kids, while chucking £200 worth (the amount we couldn't salvage) of holiday away? Luckily Abby healed up quickly, and we get to go away tonight! Yay!

Although holidays can be expensive, we should really try to go away for a break to refresh ourselves from all the hard work during the year. If you know where to look at, you can actually find some amazing deals to help your family, especially the children, get through this Summer holiday without emptying your purse.

For example, if you fancy taking your family to one/ few/ all of Merlin Entertainments' attractions (including Sea Life, Legoland, Warwick Castle, Alton Towers, etc), check out the CBeebies Magazines! From now until the 7th October 2014, you can find 2, that is TWO vouchers for kids to go free to a different Merlin Entertainments attraction (see below for further details). And instead of force feeding yourself boxes of cereals, the kids can actually have fun with the £2.99 each magazine, which comes with gifts, stickers, stories and lots of other activities to keep them occupied too!

CBeebies Magazine, Merlin Entertainments, #CBeebiesMagKidsGoFree
voucher page in current issue of CBeebies Magazine
To give you a better idea of which CBeebies Magazine issue gives you which attraction's tickets, I was given the really helpful details below:

Issue 409 (16th July 2014) - Sealife Centres and Seal Sanctuaries - Save £39 (£19.50/ ticket)
Issue 410 (30th July 2014) - Chessington World of Adventures - Save £68 (£34/ ticket)
Issue 411 (13th August 2014) - Alton Towers Resort inc. CBeebies Land - Save £86.40 (£43.20/ ticket)
Issue 412 (27th August 2014) - Warwick Castle - Save £39.60 (£19.80/ ticket)
Issue 413 (10th September 2014) - Legoland and Legoland Discovery Centre - Save £82.80 (£41.40/ ticket)
Issue 414 (24th September 2014) - Sea Life Centres and Seal Sanctuaries - Save £39 (£19.50/ ticket)

We already love CBeebies Magazine, and these tickets are definitely a bonus for this Summer. Abby and Clay has always wanted to visit Sea Life centre to see the Octonauts, so these tickets will be perfect for us! If you are not going on long breaks, these deals are definitely worth considering!

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