Saturday, 27 May 2017

Kids Magazine - Amazing! Magazine

I used to have problem looking for educational magazines for the kids, but that's not the case anymore! I'm really glad to find out that there are more and more children magazines that are providing educational materials for the kids, while keeping them entertained, like the Amazing! Magazine.

Children magazine, Amazing! Magazine, Educational magazine for kids
Left: Front cover                     Right: Back cover
The Amazing! Magazine (aimed for children 6 to 11 years old; £4.99 per issue, or subscribe for 12/ 24/ 36 months with up to £60.64 saving) covers a wide range of topics, with a specific theme per issue. For example, we were sent the latest issue #32 for review purpose, with the topic Crazy Kings and Queens.

It doesn't just talk about History though, and it isn't just the British's previous monarchs that they cover.

Children magazine, Amazing! Magazine, Educational magazine for kids

Children magazine, Amazing! Magazine, Educational magazine for kids

Children magazine, Amazing! Magazine, Educational magazine for kids

Children magazine, Amazing! Magazine, Educational magazine for kids

Based around the topic Kings and Queens, with humourous illustrations, fun way of writing that is perfect for kids (such as "the royal jelly looks like white bogies and oozes out of young worker bees' heads", which made me laugh out loud!) and lots of fun activities (crosswords, wordsearch, decoding, crafting, etc), kids are taught lots of fun facts about:

- A royal murder mystery by King Richard III

- Queen Boudicca

- Inventions that were invented during Queen Elizabeth II's reign

- The Valley of the Kings

- A lion's roar

- computer coding

- Haemophilia

- royalty in the bug world

- weird food the royals used to eat (it's quite bizarre!)

And they'll also:

- learn or get a chance to practise numeracy and clock reading

- learn royal sayings (hilarious ones like "Feed Me!") in different languages

- read a story inspired by the story of King Arthur

- learn or get a chance to practise using Adjectives

At the end of the magazine there are quizes to be answered to see how well the kids have read/ understood the information that came with the magazine, nothing hardcore of course to keep it fun! They even get a chance to enter competitions to win something as well.

I love it that Amazing! Magazine covers a lot of different subjects. Just this one magazine we went through, the kids have learned something in History, Numeracy, Human Biology (health), Literature (reading and writing) and even IT. The fact that all subjects are connected in some way in the world, makes it possible for Amazing! magazine to cover a lot of topics that other subject specific ones can't.

They made everything really fun too so it'll be a great way to get the kids involved in subjects that they aren't keen on as well. One thing for sure, if your child loves Horrible History on CBBC like mine does, they will certainly love Amazing! Magazine! You can buy individual issues or subscribe on their website (link at the top of this post).

Thursday, 25 May 2017 Personalised Gift - Fathers' Day Cushion

It's another month until Fathers' Day, but we have kind of neglected it because it'll be one of hubby's big birthday this year and all we can think of is what to do for that. had given me a lovely opportunity to sort this out by giving us the opportunity to review one of their personalised gifts. allow customers to design their own unique gifts (mugs, key rings, t-shirts, etc) with their own images and prints, but they also have a selection of pre-designed gifts, which you can personalise with your own words.

I was a bit unsure what to get hubby as he had most of the Fathers' Day gifts he need, whether it is personalised pint glasses or designed by ourselves canvases. But then I noticed their pre-designed Canvas cushion.

It just happened that hubby has been complaining that he has no place to sit on his favourite sofa, because the kids took over the whole L shape sofa by either stretching out or spreading toys on it.'s Reserved Cushion (£15) will possibly be exactly the thing he needs!

Fathers' Day Gift Idea, Personalised Fathers Day gift, design your own gift

Fathers' Day Gift Idea, Personalised Fathers Day gift, design your own gift

The "For Daddy" part was personalised, and you can change the font style and colour as well. The canvas cushion is very soft, and comes with a hidden zip too. The digital print is sharp and we love the design.

The only thing was that it didn't reserve the seat for hubby at all haha (I gave it to him 1 month earlier so I can have a complete review for this post). They all had a giggle and hubby was absolutely delighted, until the kids shrugged their shoulders and instead of leaving the cushion alone on hubby's spot, took over the cushion as well.

We still think that it's a great design. I brought out the giggle and I'm sure it'll be the talk of the day for you too. There are of course other designs, or you can design your own with these colour choices too:

Fathers' Day Gift Idea, Personalised Fathers Day gift, design your own gift

If you'd like to design something for Fathers' Day, do take a look at as they have a lot of item choices (mugs, key rings, drum sticks, t-shirts, etc) for you to work on. They also have a range of Fathers' Day personalised gifts, if you are like me and prefer to go for pre-designed gifts.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Spy Game - Codenames Review and Giveaway

Initially I thought Codenames, an award winning card game looked a bit complicated, and wasn't sure if the kids will like it, but as soon as we had a go, we couldn't stop, and we almost over-ruled Clay who was planning to go out as we just wanted to keep playing to game!

Codenames is basically a word guessing game, where 2 teams of players have to work together to find out where all their cards are before the other team, avoiding instant death as they go. It's one of those games where you learn as you go, and you'll pick it up straight after the first round.

Read on to find out more.

spy card game, Codenames, word card game

spy card game, Codenames, word card game

Codenames (RRP £15.99, suitable for 10 years + and requires 2 to 8+ players) comes with:

8 Blue Agent Cards (double sided)
8 Red Agent Cards (double sided)
1 Double Agent Card (double sided)
7 Innocent Bystander Cards
1 Assassin Card
40 Key Cards
1 Card Stand
1 Rulebook
1 Timer
200 Codename Cards (double sided, ie 400 codenames)

The box also came with a few plastic resealable bags, which I assume are for you to store your cards.

spy card game, Codenames, word card game

spy card game, Codenames, word card game

spy card game, Codenames, word card game

Apart from the Key cards, the rest are all double sided. The agent and innocent bystander cards has a male on one side and female on the other. The quality of the cards are great too (click images to enlarge for a closer look).

spy card game, Codenames, word card game

To play the game (competitive mode), players are split into 2 teams, with 1 person in each team being the Spymaster and the rest Field Agents. The above picture shows the initial set up, with the edge of the Key card:

spy card game, Codenames, word card game

indicating which team starts the game first (this Key card wasn't the one used in the above set up. The edge would have been red instead).

To play the game, Spymasters take turn to look at the Key card to see where their Agents are. They will also see where the Assassin is (the Black square) and the Innocent Bystanders are (the beige squares).

Spymasters will then look at the Codenames on the table, and try to find a "Word" that will describe the Codename on the table, that is correspondent to their Agent.

For example, a Blue Agent (on the Key card) has a Codename Jet (on the table), so the Blue Spymaster have to say a word, for example "Plane" to his/ her Field Agents. The Spymaster will also tell them a number, indicating how many Codenames on the table that "Word" is related to. And then it's down to the Field Agents to guess the Codename, without helping the other team by choosing their Agent's Codename, or by choosing the Assassin to get an instant death.

You can play it with a time limit, but with younger children it's more fun without the extra tension.

This is how one of our game looked like:

spy card game, Codenames, word card game

That was a very intense game! After guessing the correct Codename, Field Agents had a chance to make another guess without any clues, which was quite okay to do at the beginning. But when there were less Codenames left on the table and we got closer to the Assassin, we all stopped doing our second guesses.

At the end someone picked the Assassin which ended the game (we were so close to winning!).

It was hilarious watching hubby the Red Spymaster telling Abby the Blue Spymaster off for giving a dangerous clue, leading to the possibility for me the Blue Field Agent a step closer to the Assassin, because none of us wanted to end the game sooner than needed!

So when I did a second guess on our first round in another game:

spy card game, Codenames, word card game

and got an instant death, I was told off by everyone hahaha!

You can also play a non-competitive mode where you work together as 1 team, and the Spymaster will reveal the opponent team's card every turn.

It might sound complicated at first because it's quite hard to describe each step, but as soon as you tried it, it's actually very easy to play, and very addictive too. With 400 Codenames and 40 Key cards that you can rotate, you can have plenty of fun without it getting repetitive.

For those who have younger children, Codenames also have a picture version - Codenames: Pictures. Do note that the age suitability have been revised (Codenames used to be suitable for 14 years+, but it's now 10+ on the new packaging, or at least the UK packaging. The new age suitability definitely makes more sense), and I'm sure Codenames: Pictures will be suitable for children younger than 10 (old packaging recommended it for 10+).

If you think this is you and your family's kind of game, here is a chance to win one! Simply follow the Rafflecopter's easy instructions and good luck! x

Prize: Codenames Game x 1

Giveaway ends: Sunday 28th May 2017 Midnight (where 00:01am is Monday)

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