Friday, 21 April 2017

Zeek - Gift Vouchers Marketplace

I love shopping for children as they are the easiest to buy for, but I always get a headache shopping for adults because most of the time they would have bought what they want already, and if they haven't, it's probably because it's not affordable to them (and me) yet!

Although I prefer to choose a present myself, because the thought counts right? But I sometimes will choose to buy gift vouchers or gift cards (I'll just call them gift vouchers in general in this post), so that the person I am buying for can go for a shopping spree, or they can add the amount towards something they wanted but couldn't afford.

I was recently introduced to Zeek, which is an online gift voucher marketplace where people trade gift vouchers for a discounted price. Sellers can get cash back from unwanted gift vouchers, and buyers can buy a gift card that has a higher value than what they paid for, so it's a win win situation.

Zeek gift vouchers marketplace, discounted gift cards, buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers
Zeek has kindly offered me an opportunity to experience shopping on their website while subsidising the spending. I was amazed with the brand choices they offer (they have something for toys, fashion, food and even day out experiences too!), and at the time I checked, the discount was up to 40%, with 25% off for a Build-a-Bear Workshop gift card! Wow!

I was thinking that perhaps I should use this opportunity to treat myself and go on a shopping spree in Next or Debenhams, but then we were in the middle of the kids' Easter holiday, and I do want to give my family a treat as well. So I decided to find something that will give us all a fun day out instead.

Zeek gift vouchers marketplace, discounted gift cards, buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers
To shop at Zeek, you will first need to register an account with them. I normally dread this step because when I started browsing a site, I would want to start shopping immediately and not fill in a page of personal information. Zeek made it very easy though, you just need to log on using one of your social media account - Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Zeek gift vouchers marketplace, discounted gift cards, buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers
I like how clean and simple the website is. There is just Buy, Sell and your Wallet (where you can check your purchases) tabs.

I didn't experience the selling part, but I have taken note of it just in case in the future I need to use this feature. It seems quite straight forward though.

Zeek gift vouchers marketplace, discounted gift cards, buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers

By clicking on the Buy tab, you can see a long list of brands, where gift vouchers (codes and/ or physical cards) are available for you to buy. You can sort it by Highest Discount first to see the best discounts you can get. You can also filter the selections you see on the right of the page, so if you are only after fashion brands, for example, you won't have to scroll through a long list of other categories as well.

Zeek gift vouchers marketplace, discounted gift cards, buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers

Some brands only have 1 or 2 gift vouchers available for you to buy, but some like Boots has quite a good selection. You can easily see that some gift vouchers (£50 for example), even though they have 2 of the same value at the same discount percentage (4%), the actual price (the one you pay) might be different (in this case, £48 and £48.10). So it's worth to take a closer look (every penny helps!).

To buy a card, simply click on the Buy Now button on the right. If you want to buy more than 1 gift voucher from the same brand, you can add multiple vouchers together into one shopping. However, to buy from a different brand, you'll have to check out your current order first.

Do note that if you are using Zeek credits to shop, there has to be a minimum of £1 that has to be paid via Credit Card or PayPal, per transaction. If you don't use Zeek credits to shop then you can just shop as usual.

At the end I went for a Vue gift card and a Pizza Express gift voucher, planning for a perfect day out with the family! With the 1 year expiry, we could even use them during Summer holidays as well. But we all wanted to watch The Boss Baby (highly recommended!), so we did that on my birthday, but instead of Pizza Express, I had my birthday treat at a sushi place instead. So we'll be enjoying Pizza Express another day.

The gift voucher appeared straight away in my Zeek Wallet, and I just need to show the code and the terms to the waiter when I use it.

Zeek website said that gift cards will arrive within 7 working days, but ours arrived next day, which was a surprise!

Zeek gift vouchers marketplace, discounted gift cards, buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers

Overall, shopping at Zeek was very straightforward, and if you are checking them at the right time, you might just bag yourself an amazing bargain! I think from now on, before I buy a gift voucher, I'll check out Zeek first and see if they have a good deal going on. I might just be able to afford a card that gives more credits to the giftee to spend! Wouldn't that be nice?

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Getting Ready for the Warmer Weather

(This is a collaboration post)

With summer just around the corner it is time to make a few changes. For example, the garden furniture needs to be washed down, so it is ready for those long summer evenings when we can enjoy eating outside. We also need to update our wardrobes, so we have enough clothes to take us through the first few weeks of sunshine.

Each time the seasons change you get the chance to go through everything and throw away anything that no longer fits, and replace them. 

Time to buy t-shirts and shirts
Before it gets really warm you want to make sure that everyone has some new summer clothes. It is time to buy t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts.

Right now there is a good selection available in the shops, so now is definitely the time to go shopping. Buying early allows you to grab the best designs before they sell out. If you are looking for something zany and fun you will not be disappointed because there are plenty of this type of t-shirt available, this year. To get a good idea of what is available, all you need to do is to click this link.

Shorts and lightweight trousers
You should also go through the kid´s wardrobe to check that they have enough shorts, skirts and lightweight trousers. It is better to shop for them now, so that you have them to hand for the next hot day. Nobody wants to be traipsing around the shops looking for shorts instead of taking advantage of the sun and playing in the park.

Check everyone´s swimwear
One item a lot of people forget when they are updating their wardrobes, is swimwear. Kids grow fast, so there is a good chance that the swimming costume, or swim shorts, they wore last year will no longer fit. Get them to try theirs on, and if they look a bit tight replace them. Buying them now will save you money, as well as ensure that you get the biggest choice. This is because a lot of retailers put the price of these items up later in the season, when everyone is going on their summer holidays.

Spring clean the house
If you have the time, and energy, go through each room and give it a deep clean. You will feel really good once you have done it, and will be able to relax knowing that everything is as it should be. Right now, it is warm enough to open the windows, and leave them open for a few hours, so this time of the year is ideal for deep cleaning the house.

You do not have to wear yourself doing the whole house in one go. It is much better to pace yourself and thoroughly clean one room at a time. If you do it all at once you will only run out of energy and end up making a poor job of the last rooms that you do.

I love this time of the year, because it gives you a chance to get a fresh start, and I hope that this post inspires you to do the same.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Disney Tsum Tsum Bubble Fever

A race against time kind of card game with super cute Disney Tsum Tsum characters on them, stored inside a super cute Disney Tsum Tsum tin, fans will love this Disney Tsum Tsum Bubble Fever game! Esdevium Games has kindly sent one to us for review.

Disney Tsum Tsum, Bubble Fever game, Tsum Tsum slapjack

Disney Tsum Tsum Bubble Fever card game (suitable for children age 6+, approximately £7.99) comes with a super cute tin to store the cards (suitable for travelling!), 16 Bubble cards, 96 Tsum and Starter cards, and an instruction sheet.

The Tsum cards consist of normal Tsum cards and large Tsum cards (those with x3 on).

Disney Tsum Tsum, Bubble Fever game, Tsum Tsum slapjack

To play, each player gets a certain number of Bubble cards (depending on the number of player there are), and an equal number of Tsum cards (mixed with Starter cards).

Disney Tsum Tsum, Bubble Fever game, Tsum Tsum slapjack

All players play at the same time by flicking open the top card onto a discarded pile. At the beginning, as soon as they see a Starter card (which has a number of Tsum Tsum characters on), they can place it in the middle of the table as long as there are less than 3 Starter cards.

Players will then try to match their Tsum card with a Tsum on the Starter card, and build up that stack of cards based on that first Tsum card character.

Players can use their Bubble card to claim a stack of cards from the middle of the table. The more cards there are the more points it will have. Those will be placed next to the player as a Claim pile (not to be mixed with their discard pile, which is the original deck of cards in their hand).

The game ends when all players have used up all their Bubble cards.

Disney Tsum Tsum, Bubble Fever game, Tsum Tsum slapjack

Players will then have to add up the points they get from the Starter, Bubble and Tsum cards, but minus the cards that are left in their discard pile. The player with most points win the game.

I swear I was better at the game because I'm quicker, but at the end it was Abby who won because she claimed bigger stacks with more Big Tsum cards in them!

We love it because the cards are super cute, and we all play at the same time so there is no waiting needed. Kids will deal the cards slower so as the adult I'll have to wait for them, but that's ok, it's quite relaxing for me and still fun (especially when the cards are so cute!).

It's also a brilliant game for little ones to practise their Numeracy by adding and deducting points!

If you love Tsum Tsum and a quick game, especially during travels, it's definitely worth considering getting Disney Tsum Tsum Bubble Fever, which is out now in all good toy stores.