Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Smiggle's yummy smelling Stationery - Summer 2017

Abby is in love with scented stationery, and smiggle is definitely the best place for them! Not only do they sell scented pencils and erasers, their pencil cases and key rings are scented too, so it's like a child in a candy shop whenever the kids visits smiggle!

Smiggle has kindly sent us some of their latest stationery to review, which are absolutely adorable and smelled extremely yummy!

Scented pens, Smiggles, scented pencil case

We were sent:

Limited edition smiggle besties jessie jumpin' jelly pencil case (£15.50) and keyring (£7)
- 6 styles to collect
Scented party eraser tub - blue (£4.50)
- 3 styles to collect
Metallics thin pencil pack x 6 (£4.50)
Scented graphic pencil - black (£1.50)
- 4 styles to collect (plus more in other theme)

Scented pens, Smiggles, scented pencil case

Scented pens, Smiggles, scented pencil case

The limited edition smiggle besties pencil case and keyring smells like berries, and because of the fabric, the fragrant is much more obvious and longer lasting than pencils and erasers. They are absolutely Abby's cup of tea, and she refused to share the pencil case! She was also disappointed when Clay was given the keyring (I had to be a fair mother of course, but if I let her, she'd have claimed everything!).

We also love the bright summery colours, it's perfect for this season and brings Summer home during the cloudier days.

Scented pens, Smiggles, scented pencil case

We saw the metallics thin pencils at the shop but because we were already over our budget, we had to quickly put them down and look away to avoid temptation (seriously, between the 3 of us we can buy the whole shop!)! I think the metallics might be more obvious if used on black paper, but there is definitely an effect coming through. The pencils are quite soft so it's easy to use them for colouring.

Scented pens, Smiggles, scented pencil case

This cola bottle scented graphics pencil (hb) smells like cola (both the eraser topper and the pencil itself!), and it looks so cute! We won't be using the eraser because we don't want to ruin it, but the pencil is perfect for doing homework with.

Scented pens, Smiggles, scented pencil case

Abby collects cute novelty erasers, so she has quickly claimed the tub of party food erasers! She even convinced Clay to store the cola eraser topper from his pencil inside the candy shaped container haha. I then overheard them playing food ordering with them! I'm glad they have found a use for them as they certainly won't be used as erasers!

Scented pens, Smiggles, scented pencil case

It's safe to say that the kids, especially Abby, absolutely loved everything from smiggle that was sent to us, especially the scented, super cute and super cuddly limited edition besties pencil case. It can store so much as well! Thank you smiggle to make the kids so happy, we will definitely visit the store again soon!

The limited edition besties range is out now in store and online, collect them before they are all gone!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Family Summer Festival - CBBC Summer Social

The hot days are making us long for the Summer Holiday, but it's still 4 weeks plus away! If you and your children can't wait for that long either like us, here is an awesome children Summer festival to attend to quench our thirst. It's happening in 2 weeks time, is free for everyone to attend, and is suitable for all CBBC and CBeebies fans!

CBBC Summer Social 2017, Media City Manchester, Family Day Out

Event: CBBC Summer Social
Date: Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th July, 2017
Time: 9am to 5:30pm each day
Place: MediaCityUK, Salford Quays, Salford M50 2BH (outdoor around the MediaCityUK Piazza)
Price: FREE (simply turn up!)

Whats on:
- Live broadcast hosted by Hacker T Dog, Karim, Lauren, Katie and Rhys at the main stage

- Braney and Lindsey (Blue Peter), Paddy Wilde and Ellie Allen (Got What It Takes) will entertain live on stage

- Animals: Naomi Wilkinson (Naomi's Nighmares of Nature and Weird &Wild) and team will bring a huge giraffe puppet on stage to teach children all about it

- Animation: Scream Street team shows you how to bring a cartoon to life

- Crazy science experiments with Dr. Brain from Ultimate Brain

- Create your own rocket bottle with Terrific Scientific

- A chance to be an Operation Ouch doctor and perform a giant operation

- Material and Digital Creativity: Children will have a chance to try exciting hands-on activities in an arts and crafts zone

- Crafty makes with Marrying Mum & Dad

- Match of the Day Kickabout: CBBC presenter and football freestyler John Farnworth demonstrating footballing skills, and a chance to try it yourself

- Learn how to commentating on a sports match with the BBC 5live team

- Farmyard games for all the family with Shaun the Sheep's Championsheeps

- Mini-tennis with Lawn Tennis Association

- Awesome Author's Stage: Live readings, author Q&As and talks aimed at inspiring the next generation of writers and storytellers. With Dan Freedman (Jamie Johnson), Dani Garmer (Tracy Beaker) and Michael de Souza (Rastamouse)

Note: Book tickets for the Awesome Author's Stage here. Please read the details carefully

- CBeebies Zone:

  • Go Jetters Disco hosted by Go Jetters' Ubercorn and Grandmaster Glitch
  • A chance to knit your own Clanger
  • Workshops with the Royal Northern Ballet (choreographers of the recent CBeebies Goldilocks ballet)
  • Appearanced from many CBeebies characters

My kids are already very excited about the activities and can't wait to go to the CBBC Summer Social! Do make sure to check that day's weather report and be prepared. I hope to see you there!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Despicable Me 3 - Ravensburger 100 XXL Puzzle

There are a lot of movies we are looking forward to watch this year, especially the ones that we can watch with the kids. The next one is definitely Despicable Me 3, which will be out on the 30th June, and we'll be expecting lots of laughter from it!

It's not long to go now, and while we are waiting for the release, the kids had a great time putting together Ravensburger's Despicable Me 3 XXL 100 Piece puzzle, sent to us for review purpose.

Despicable Me 3, Ravensburger puzzle for kids, Minion puzzle

Despicable Me 3, Ravensburger puzzle for kids, Minion puzzle

Ravensburger has a perfect age fit guide for their range of children puzzles, and the 100 XXL piece puzzles will be perfect for children aged 6 years +. I told Abby that she should be doing the 300 XXL piece puzzles, and the Despicable Me 3 one is most likely too easy for her, but she wasn't bothered as she really liked it!

What surprised me was that both of them were more than happy to do the puzzle together. There was no fights, no domination, but actual team work involved:

Despicable Me 3, Ravensburger puzzle for kids, Minion puzzle

Despicable Me 3, Ravensburger puzzle for kids, Minion puzzle

Despicable Me 3, Ravensburger puzzle for kids, Minion puzzle

The great quality puzzle looked fantastic, and the image certainly made us want to watch the animation soon!

I'm sure Clay would have had no problem putting the puzzle together himself, where it's still do-able but still challenging enough for him. But I also love it that the kids can work together on the puzzle peacefully. Who said that puzzles are for single players only?

Ravensburger Despicable Me 3 100 XXL Puzzle (RRP £7.99) is available now online and in stores, and I'm sure any Minion fans will love it!