Thursday, 30 July 2015

LEGO Technic - Mercedes-Benz Arocs

This one is for the LEGO Technic fans - the new LEGO Tecnic Mercedes-Benz Arocs!

Although we aren't really a LEGO Technic fan (the pieces just doesn't feel very LEGO to us), we can't deny that we have always been impressed by what you can build with LEGO Technic. The special LEGO pieces allow for more accurate designs to be built, hence resemble their real life counter parts much closer than those built by the original LEGO pieces.

This time LEGO Technic has partnered with Mercedes-Benz and recreated their Arocs trucks. The set comes with LEGO motor and battery box as well, so it moves! Talking about realistic! LEGO are now challenging fans to spot the difference between the real Arocs and the LEGO Technic Arocs:

Looks pretty good right? The LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs will be available from this Saturday 1st August 2015 from all good toy stores, retailing at RRP £169.99 (2,793 pieces). Certainly one for the collectors this Christmas!

Monday, 27 July 2015

It is Time for that Long Needed Holiday

Image from Getty Images
Two weeks until our trip to Holland! We are so excited because we are desperate for a holiday abroad. The kids are already bored on their second day of their Summer holiday too, which really isn't helping!

Mind you, it wouldn't be the Sun, Sea and Beach holiday that I was planning for since last year. After all, circumstances and priority changes, so last minute holiday plans are probably more suitable for us.

Even though our plans has changed, there is no harm in browsing for the holiday we wished to go on, especially after seeing my family's pictures of their holiday in Spain (I'm totally jealous). I've put my wishlist together here to refer back to when we can finally go on one of them. Maybe it can spark up your interest as well to take a last minute holiday abroad?

Beach Holiday - Costa Calma, Fuerteventura SPAIN
We are, okay.. I am, pretty "city" in the core. The last time we went on a Sun, Sea and Beach holiday (back in 2006), we enjoyed spending some of our time inside the hotel that has its own facilities and entertainment, and I think that if we go on a pure beach holiday, me and the kids might get bored pretty quickly. Costa Calma in Fuerteventura sounds like the perfect beach holiday for us, as it has everything to keep us entertainment while being so close to the beach too! I think we can easily stay there for a 7 to 10 days holiday no problem!

Cruise Holiday - Colourful Coast Cruise Trip on Thomson Majesty

Images from Thomson's website
We have been talking about a Cruise holiday for years now, and what better than one that has a Kids Club as well to keep the kids entertained? Unfortunately there’s no way we can hop on a last-minute cruise this year, so I’ll have to remember this one! Their Colourful Coast is definitely our cup of tea, and it will stop by Lanzarote, the island I was looking at last year!

City Holiday - Dubai

Image from
We have done a lot of city breaks, but the top one we'd love to visit, and think that the kids might like too, is Dubai. We've passed by the airport plenty of times, and would really love to venture out to check out one of the richest city in the World! Maybe next time we will spend a night there during our transit to Hong Kong/ Taiwan (it would make a great stopover in the middle of a 22 hours flight!).

Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go to all of them. But Holland is waiting for us and I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time there! Just two more weeks!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wubble Bubble

Wubble Bubble UK, Vivid Imaginations, Playable Bubble

Ever had the moment where you and/ or your child wished that a soap bubble wouldn't pop, or a ball could float in the air? A Wubble Bubble is like a giant version of both, and we were given the opportunity from the lovely Vivid Imaginations people to try one out!

Wubble Bubble UK, Vivid Imaginations, Playable Bubble

Wubble Bubble UK, Vivid Imaginations, Playable Bubble
Big batteries! (Not included)
Wubble Bubble (RRP £19.99, suitable for 6 years +) is sold in 3 colours, with the pink and blue coming with the electric pump (4 x D batteries excluded) and the purple sold on its own. We were sent the blue one to review, and it also comes with a nozzle, inflation guide and manual.

Note: although Wubble Bubble is strong, it's not indestructible. There are plenty of warnings on the box, packaging and manual regarding this, and it's not really recommended for children under 6 years old as playing with care is required.

Wubble Bubble UK, Vivid Imaginations, Playable Bubble
Left: close up of the Wubble Bubble's texture
Right: Design for nozzle has been improved
Wubble Bubble UK, Vivid Imaginations, Playable Bubble

The Wubble Bubble feels really squishy, with a jelly-like inner lining. The outer lining is dusted with some sort of powder, reminding me of the Chinese/ Japanese sweet Mochi (sweet dumplings you can get at sushi bars or Chinese supermarket)! I was surprised that it didn't stink of strong plastic, like the smell you get from plastic blow up beach toys, and that's definitely a plus from me!

To pump it up, you have to push the nozzle, with the inflation guide attached on the edge of it, into the Wubble Bubble's hole, then attach the pump to the nozzle and pump until the end of the inflation guide is just touching the floor.

As I only followed the manual's guidance, I found it slightly confusing as I didn't realise that you should leave the deflated ball on the floor first (I did it mid air), so that you can see when the guide is just touching the floor. It did make more sense to leave it on the floor as it was really awkward holding it in mid air (I kept thinking that the ball is going to fall off the pump, even though it's actually sticking to the nozzle). For a clearer guide on how to inflate the Wubble Bubble, you can check the YouTube video here.

If you have a balloon popping phobia like me, you'll be worrying about the Wubble Bubble as soon as it has started to inflate! It look so transparent and thin after pumping it up! But there is no fear in the kids!

Wubble Bubble UK, Vivid Imaginations, Playable Bubble
Right: *Boing*
Wubble Bubble UK, Vivid Imaginations, Playable Bubble
Right: Me "Oh My God it's going to pop!"

Wubble Bubble UK, Vivid Imaginations, Playable Bubble
Left: Look at the Wubble Bubble changing shape in the air, just like a soap bubble! That went too far though
Right: Looked like a high throw but at least it stayed in the garden this time
As soon as we've got it pumped up, the kids were all over it. 

The whole neighbourhood heard me raising my voice: "Clay! Stop grabbing the ball!" (he grabbed the edge and squeezed them into his fists with fingers digging into the lining), "Don't dig your fingers in it please!" and I went on for quite a while until Clay has learned to keep his palm flat on the Wubble Bubble. 

I can see why he's grabbing it though, the lining is wobbly and soft, unlike a balloon or beach ball that are firm. And because the Wubble Bubble is so big (even for Abby), it is much easier the grab a squished lining instead of holding it up with flat palms.

The first thing the kids tried to do is sit on the ball. It wasn't easy to stay on it when 2 of them were fighting over it, but there was plenty of laughter because of that. Me and hubby just kept stepping back in case it pops! Abby also liked to play it like a basketball because it's so bouncy.

Hubby tried to throw it at the kids but because he threw it high and it was a very windy day, it literally floated straight into the neighbour's garden! At least it landed and didn't float far far away (it really looked like it would!). And don't think that you can throw it in another direction, the wind will blow it wherever it wants to blow it to! We threw it much lower at the kids after that.

The kids had a blast with the Wubble Bubble, though they started fighting over the ball and refuse to share. Good that it's only £9.99 for a Wubble Bubble without the pump! We liked to throw the Wubble Bubble at the kids as well, though we are constantly on edge and no way will we ever try to sit on it ourselves! Next time we'll pump it up to a smaller size (did you know that you don't have to play it at the maximum size?).

The only real problem we had with it is pushing and removing the nozzle in and out of the Wubble Bubble. The inner lining is quite sticky so there is some maneuvering to do, and because you'll be worried about pricking the ball, it can be quite difficult. But looking at the kids reaction, it was worth it!

I just saw a video about a new glow in the dark Glo Wubble, hopefully we can get that here soon! 

Oh! And if your Wubble Bubble accidentally popped, there is a (UK) number you can ring (on the Wubble Bubble's packaging) to arrange for a replacement sent to you for a small fee. Love the customer service!

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