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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

TOMY Aqua Fun - Pirate Bath Ship and Surfin' Beaver

TOMY toys, TOMY toys reviews, TOMY bath toys

TOMY toys, TOMY toys reviews, TOMY bath toys

Our first TOMY toys review box has arrived (the TOMY Disney Cars 3-in-1 Potty System was a review offered to me by them before they confirmed their official bloggers)! It is always exciting to receive a big box of goodies! The kids (including 5 years old Abby!) couldn't wait to start playing and ate their breakfast fairly quickly! This month we are reviewing a selection of TOMY's Aqua Fun and Play to learn range, to show you how TOMY covers play time, creative time (such as Aquadoodle which I'll cover in another month) and bath time daily. As there are more to our Play to Learn reviews, we'll be reviewing TOMY Aqua Fun's Pirate Bath Ship and brand new Surfin' Beaver first.

TOMY toys, TOMY Pirate Bath Ship, TOMY bath toys

TOMY toys, TOMY Pirate Bath Ship, TOMY bath toys

The pirate ship is suitable for 18 months and above, and is retailed at £16.99. It has a squirting octopus, turning wheel, water shooting cannon and a dinghy launcher, and captain Jack can sit at the top in the mast as well as his dinghy.

When we opened up the review box, the first thing we set our eyes on was the pirate ship. It wasn't the biggest toy in the box, but it was really attractive! They wanted to play with it immediately but weren't very happy when I only let them play with the ship without the captain and the dinghy until after I got the chance to take pictures. They tend to end up sliding the toys under the sofa (just like one of the balls from the Pic 'n' Pop toy that I have to dig out for my next review!) so I had to limit them.

When we got to bath time, the Pirate Bath Ship has provided plenty of fun! I couldn't quite understand how everything works, so we sank the ship under the water until it has stopped bubbling, then lifted it up and noticed that both the cannon and octopus were filled and ready to fire! The kids were having a good laugh with the octopus squirting water at them and them throwing captain Jack overboard in his dinghy! Although the cannon could only be fired once every fill (I figured it out afterwards that we just needed to pour water into the cannon from the opening)  it was still fun watching the water getting pulled into the cannon (by pulling the lever down) and shooting it out. Wish it was a bit more powerful but then children's safety first!

Abby loved to slide the dinghy off the launcher. The dingy will slide into the water and float away, which was quite funny to watch even for me! And when I poured water over the wheel to make it turn, Clay was amused and let out lots of giggles every time I did it! And then of course he wanted to do it himself! It was a shame I couldn't film the water actions to show you what it's like!

I think that it's a great space saving toy (their bath tub always get filled up with toys!) as it has a few functions all on the same ship without many loose bits (just the cute chunky captain Jack and his dinghy). It allows imagination play as well which is a bonus. The ship is very colourful and will certainly add lots of fun during bath time.

TOMY toys, TOMY Surfin Beaver, TOMY bath toys

TOMY toys, TOMY Surfin Beaver, TOMY bath toys

The new Surfin' Beaver (retailed at £11.99 and suitable for 12 months and above) is a nice addition to their swimming toys collection. We reviewed the Swim 'n' Sing Turtle last year and the kids have run the batteries dry already! The cheeky beaver is equally funny to listen to (it sings by pressing the tail down), though very different from the Turtle's deep male voice. Unfortunately it seems like his tail wasn't powerful enough to make him 'surf' forward, but it didn't bother Clay a single bit! He just grabbed the beaver and surf him around the bathtub.

It is funny how toys can seem too simple to us yet provide so much fun for the kids. Although he loved the Pirate Bath Ship as well, he hardly let go of the beaver.

Both TOMY's Aqua Fun toys Pirate Bath Ship and Surfin' Beaver are available now in all good toy stores and online. You can also find out more about TOMY on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: We were sent the above toys to review; all opinions are honest and our own

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