Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Korean Beauty Box Memebox Discount Codes and Referral Only Deals

(All affiliate links look like this)

Cosmetics can mean either/ both makeup and skincare
Meme Points are worth $1 per point (all prices are in USD)

To read my Memebox reviews visit my Beauty & Fashion page
Visit my Beauty Sale page to buy some of the new, unused or swatched items at a reasonable price (have a lot more to add to it, and will be updated after we've moved house)

Every so often, Memebox (check my first review here for introduction to Memebox, one of the most popular Korean beauty boxes) will release codes, deals and rewards to help fans get their favourite boxes without needing to pay the full price. Instead of cluttering my top banner up, I'll list all the deals and discounts here instead for easy reference.

This page will be frequently updated.

Happy shopping and trying out Asian beauty that is getting really big in the US now!

Visit Memebox website here through my affiliate link and use the following discounts to buy Memeboxes at a lower price!

Maximise Discounts:
- Stack Memebox and my affiliate discounts together!

For example:

Get $2 Memepoints by creating a new account with Memebox. Use my affiliate link to automatically get $5 off over $100 shopping, or $10 off over $150 shopping. Stack with my $5 off any order above $30, and you can save at least $13 off your $100 order!

Note that you can stack Meme points, automatic affiliate discounts and 1 code together, but you cannot stack the $5 off code together with a, for example, MEMEBUNDLE3 code.

Affiliate November 2014 Discount 
- I get a tiny amount of commission from Memebox, and you get money off!
- Stacks with discount codes, meme points and other affiliate benefits

LFMVFT - $5 off $30 or above orders (excluding shipping and taxes)

Use any of the affiliate links and the below will apply automatically
- $5 off on orders over $100
- $10 off on orders over $150

Memebox November 2014 Discounts

New accounts: get 2 Memepoints added straight to their account

MEMEBUNDLE3 - Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes (including Superboxes and Luckyboxes)
MEMEBUNDLE4 - Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes (including Superboxes and Luckyboxes)
FREESHIPPING - Free Shipping on orders over $70 from Memeshop

Referral Only Deals
- Will update this as soon as the new ones come in

Secret Deals 

Every so often Memebox will release secret deals which are hard to find if you don't know where to look. Instead of Meme Points, these boxes come with an additional full size product!