Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony (Part 2)

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I've finally received the trial kit for Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony washing gel from supersavvyme last Saturday. Included in the kit is a full sized bottle of the washing gel, a booklet of £1.00 off vouchers, market research sheets and product information booklet.

I opened the bottle and the washing gel smelled lovely. The washing gel is a bit runnier than the washing gel I normally use, which could be because of the mixed in softener. I decided that I'll start a washing a day earlier just to test it out, which was a mistake as the children clothes which were drying on the drying rack hasn't fully dried up yet! I ended up having to wash the children clothes again because of the humidity in the conservatory.

I started having doubts when I pulled the clothes out from the washing machine, as I didn't like the smell of my laundry. Don't get me wrong, it still smells clean and fresh, but fragrance is kind of a personal thing, and it just happen that there is something in the smell of the gel that I do not like.

Yesterday the clothes have finally dried and they smelled not bad at all, apart from my Polyester top. But in my opinion, Polyester always smell a bit different (not in a good way) comparing to Wool or Cotton which always smell lovely (as long as they dry properly!) after a wash. My husband's jeans smell fresh but not overpowering (which can be worrying as we don't want him to smell too flowery).

My clothes are as clean as they would be with the brand I was used to, so nothing too impressive about its cleaning really. But then, when it comes to washing detergent, as long as it cleans, it is a good washing detergent.

I've never used a fabric softener before (I don't remember why haha), so I was quite excited about the 2in1 idea. But the towel I washed came out just as rough as before, and not the extremely soft feeling I was expecting from watching TV ads where a bottle of washing liquid will bounce off the towel. Maybe the water in my area is too hard, or maybe I was just expecting too much from a fabric softener.

I don't mind Bold 2in1 washing gel at all really, it cleans equally well as other brands, and there are plenty of fragrances to choose from. It definitely opens up a choice for me when I next need to stock up on washing gel.

I'll do an update again in about 3 weeks time to see whether the clothes still smell as fresh as now.

Disclosure: I was given the 667ml of Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony Gel by Savvy Circle to do a review on Savvy Circle website. I was not paid by Bold or Savvy Circle in any way to do this review; all opinion are honest and my own