Friday, 16 September 2011

Chaophraya Thai Restaurant in Manchester

April, 2011

It was our 5th year anniversary, but I was heavily pregnant with C (due in 2 weeks time). So even if Prince William and his bride were so kind to give us an extra bank holiday as our anniversary present, we couldn't go away and make the most of it.

We then decided that we should splash out on our favourite food instead: Malaysian cuisine. But as you can see, it didn't happen as we've decided to go for Chaophraya Restaurant in Manchester instead. They had better reviews and we just can't risk bad food for our 5th anniversary!

We were glad that we went for it, as it was a fantastic experience.

We both decided to go for the set Ratanakosin, and ordered an additional portion of Chicken Pat Thai for the little one.

Our starters :  Deep fried King Prawns, Spring Rolls, Prawn & Sesame Toasts, and Chicken Satay

We were a bit disappointed as we love Thai starters but we only get to have one of each. And we realised why once the main courses arrived.

Chicken Pat Thai for A. Delicious!

Grilled Sirloin Steak

As any hot grill, they poured the sauce in front of you. Surprisingly it wasn't as smokey as other ones I had.

The steak is cooked to perfection. Too perfect for a pregnant woman who isn't allowed to enjoy her steak any other way than fully done! I told my husband to take what he want, and we would ask them to just microwave the rest. But no, they were too kind and cooked us a new full portion! We were really impressed with their service.


This is delicious as well, but didn't remember much of it as we were still overwhelmed by the great service we had with the steak!

Lamb Curry

I don't normally eat lamb but this was fantastic. I fell in love with Thai red curry since then!

Steamed organic brown jasmine rice

This rice went really well with the curry, wish we know the ratio of white and brown rice so we can mix it at home ourselves!

Grilled plantain banana served with ice-cream

Yes, the banana was main, the ice-creams were sides. We actually enjoyed the ice-cream more though as the banana was too sour (we think that the plantain banana is better served as fritters). I regretted eating the ice-cream when I was half way through, as it could have contained raw egg yolks.

We were absolutely stuffed and had to take away half of the main course home. It was really value for money!

Orchids and candles on each table

Inside the kitchen

Playing traditional musical instruments for a customer's Birthday


Overall we had a fantastic time; lovely food, great service. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Their buffet restaurant located in Manchester Trafford Centre is equally good, they didn't drop their food nor service quality just because it's a buffet. We will definitely go back to both!

About the restaurant:

Chaophraya Thai Restaurant & Bar

19 Chapel Walks
Off Cross Street
M2 1HN
Tel: 0161 8328 342
Monday - Sunday 12noon- 10.30pm


It's worth arriving about half an hour earlier unless you know the way around Manchester City. It took us a while to find the restaurant as it isn't situated along a road, and you'll need time to find parking as well.

Chaobaby (Restaurant, Bar & Buffet)

123 The Orient
Trafford Centre
M17 8EH
Tel: 0161 747 2345
Monday - Sunday 12noon- 10.00pm