Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Andrex Moistened Tissue Wipes for Kids

Ever since our first child was born, we have been using baby wipes to wipe her bum (well, after the first month of wetting cotton wools), even after she was potty trained (just for the number twos!). Problem is, you can't flush them in the toilet. Nor is wetting toilet paper good as it leaves alot of residue on her bum!
One day we walked passed the toilet tissue isle and saw this, Andrex Moistened Toilet Wipes, and we have added it to our must-stock-up list.
About the product:
  • £1.97 with tub, £1.26 refill
  • The sheets have cute embossed puppies, packed in a fun jungle pack and have a fresh watermelon scent.
 My review:
We bought the soft silicon-type tub and refill packs. My daughter absolutely loves the tub. The puppy in the jungle picture is printed on the lid (not a sticker), so its not like other tubs where you get it all plain after removing the packaging.
The button where you press and the lid will sprung open is soft, like silicon material, and all corners are smooth and rounded, so there is no need to worry that the little ones might hurt themselves. Even the gap where you pull the tissue out is soft. They definitely kept child safety in mind while designing the tub. Problem is, I can't tell whether the box is closed properly, as the main lid (which you open to remove the refill pack) doesn't make a 'click' sound to indicate that the box is closed.
I normally don't like products that smell of either watermelon or cucumber, as there is a raw kind of smell that puts me off. But to my surprise, the watermelon fragrance on the wipes are pleasant, clean and fresh.
The wipe is flushable, yet it doesn't tear easily and is stronger and thicker than normal tissues. Thing is, I wasn't aware that there were embossed puppies on the wipes until I read the product info. I did notice there was some kind of pattern on them, but I was never bothered to check out what it was. I told my 3 years old daughter about the embossed puppies, and ever since then she kept saying: Oh yea look mommy! I can see the puppies!
A problem we have is after going through half a pack, the tissues get stuck inside the packet, and become unreachable, especially for little hands, through the gap in the box. I had to remove the refill pack and try to pick the top piece out without breaking through it (it is strong, but if you keep picking it with nails, they will still tear). And for some reason, the last few wipes doesn't come out as easy as the ones on the top. They aren't placed in the way where when you pull one, the next one will come out half way. I did notice the same problem with other brands' wipes though.
Overall, we love the moistened tissue wipes, it smells fresh and clean, and it's definitely better than normal baby wet wipes or moistened toilet tissues.