Monday, 12 September 2011

Fisher-Price Link-a-Doos Infant to Toddler Rocker

The rocker was a present for my daughter when she was born. Now, after a good 3 years, it is my son's turn to use it, and I thought I'd write about it.

About the product:


An infant seat that converts to toddler rocker, growing with your baby.

It can vibrate to soothe baby like a ride in the car; have 2 position recline seat, and a fold-out kickstand for feeding or sleeping

A 3-point restraint holding baby securely in place, which can be packed away through the holes (they will come out from the bottom of the seat, and you can strap the 3 point restraint under the chair to keep it away from view) 

It features cute detachable Linkadoos toys you can attach to a removable toy bar to keep baby entertained, and provide 2 extra straps on each side of the seat for additional toys

My review:

The seat is very well made, and doesn't give in even with both my children on it (my daughter likes to sit with her baby brother in the chair, and she refused to get off even after we've been telling her off so many times! At least she has stopped sitting on his foot now!)
The 2 position recline seat is really sturdy; we've used the upright position for some time with A when she was smaller and it had never failed to keep her propped up.

I am a bit bothered about the 3-point restraint though, because I remember A used to lopside in this chair in the reclined position (not the sleeping position) and we had to re-adjust her to make sure she's propped up right. Perhaps it would be better if they provide a 5-point restraint, with padded shoulder straps? When the baby gets a bit older you can always tidy away the shoulder straps and just secure their bottom.

We have used the sleeping position the most, not only for when they were young and because we didn't want to put them on a sitting position too early, but also because of A liking to rock C in the chair too much! The sleeping position was the only safest way to keep him from being hurt. Anyway, the kickstand is really easy to use, even with just your foot (hence the name 'kickstand' ?).

I don't remember A liking the toys as much as C does now, he really reaches for them and when he get the chance he'll shove them into his little mouth and use all the strength he can to munch on them. A really nice thought of Fisher-Price is that we can strap on additional toys on both sides of the seat. Unfortunately both babies didn't seem to take much notice of the toys on the side as they can't really see them. So it's best for toys that is for easy grabbing.

His favourite toy is the sunflower mirror which has a teething-ring-like handle dangling at the bottom. He absolutely loves chewing at the teething ring handle and just can't seem to let go of it even if we try to get him out of the chair! Every time he cries and fuzzes in the chair, he would still be munching on it. There isn't much he can do with the turtle rattle and the crunchy bird apart from staring at them, as no matter how hard he tries, he just can't reach them! I think they would be ideal for the side straps, but then again, he doesn't seem to give much attention to those toys strapped on both sides.

I don't think you are suppose to use the arched toy bar as a handle to lift up an empty chair or drag it across the room, but we tend to forget and have been doing that for several times, and the toy bar still stays intact.

The only thing I can't commend on is the vibration function which comes with most rockers. We were told that it is best not to use the vibration function (on any rocker) as it might not be good to the baby (I can't remember whats not good about it now). It could just be an old-wives tale, but we just went with it.

Overall, we are quite happy with the chair, it is sturdy, multi-purpose and entertaining. The 5-point restraint and reachable toys would be much better though!