Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lakeland Dry-soon Heated Tower Dryer

I used to hang my laundry inside the living room right in front of the heater, as our clothes never dry properly, leaving us with smelly clothes. But that really gets in the way. When the drying rack finally broke, we decided to give Lakeland's tower dryer a try. Its cheaper than a tumble-dryer, it takes up less space and worst case is that we do not use the heating function.

About the product:
  • £79.99
  • Lightweight
  • Costs around 4.5p an hour to run
  • Versatile - position foldable shelves to suit your needs
  • Offers 21m (69ft)of drying space with a small footprint
  • Fully open 73 x 75 x 137cm H. (28 3/4" x 29 1/2" x 54")
  • Folds to a depth of 8cm (3")
  • 300W

My review:

My first impression was it was really light in weight for such a big product. Carrying it around in the house was definitely not a problem for a short woman like me. Its easy to pack away, and easy to adjust the rack to suit my needs.

On a warm day when our conservatory turns into a greenhouse, we don't turn the dryer on and clothes will dry on the same day. On a wet season like now, it takes about 1 full day to dry my clothes properly while its been heated, which only cost me about £1.08. And that is by leaving the drying rack in a conservatory with no other form of heating.

Make sure you put the thickest and longest items on the top to take full advantage of the heating (hot air rises etc) , and note that only the bars on the shelves are heated but not the frame itself.

My mom came over to look after us for a couple of months while I was giving birth to C, and she loved the drying rack so much she ordered one for herself. It is a fantastic product especially for a humid country. Took us quite some time to find a solution to post it to Hong Kong though!