Wednesday, 14 September 2011

LEGO DUPLO - Big Farm and Farm Nursery

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Picture taken from

When we were kids we used to love playing with Lego. Now that we have our own children, we think that it's a good idea to get them playing as well. It is practical, encourage imagination and role-play, and it provides hours of fun!

We started off with a big tub of Lego Duplo, and the first thing A created (at 2 years old) was a hammer, as she saw us playing with our own DIY projects in the house! We were really surprised as we've never taught her how to build a hammer. So we decided to slowly increase our collection.

We then bought her the farm nursery, as it was affordable, and the little girl kinda looks like her!

About the product:
  • £9.99
  • Includes farm girl figure, baby calf, sheep, foal and kitten

My review:

A had a great time playing with her little Lego A and the baby farm animals. She always made Lego A ride on the animals, or even made the kitten ride on them!

When she hit 3, we decided to buy her the big farm, as she loved to watch The Big Barn Farm on CBeebies. We thought that she can definitely relate to it.

About the product:
  • £49.99
  • Includes barn, farm family figures, a puppy, livestock, truck, milk tank, farm accessories, etc
  • Allows to hook hale bales and hoist 'em up to store in the barn
  • National Parenting Seal of Approval

My review:

A was thrilled when she opened her present. We also bought a green base for her to build the barn on, and realised after that 2 green panels were included to act as the base. But it was us who fought to build the barn!

We had great fun building it together and even included the farm nursery pieces in it to make it more fun. Then we realised that we've actually completed our family with the 2 sets: Lego mommy (that's me!), Lego daddy, Lego A and Lego C!

She always spent ages playing with her barn, sometimes rebuilding it, sometimes just playing with particular pieces.

We definitely think it was money well spent on both sets.