Saturday, 17 September 2011

Magical Moment

14 months ago, we thought that it was time to have a second baby. A looked like she was really lonely playing on her own, and we were finally settling down from moving house. Besides, we had the experience of having a baby, so surely it would be quite easy. Right?

Wrong. We had C just when A started seeking attention. And just because it was the second time, doesn't mean I would remember everything from changing nappy, bathing, to breastfeeding and looking after myself; just because we had a baby before doesn't mean it would be the same experience!

Re-learning how to bath as I've never bathed a baby boy before; re-learning how to breastfeed as this little one refused to open his mouth wider! Baby Blues, double the amount of laundry, feeding a tod and a baby at the same time, double the amount of crying (baby) and screaming (tod) at home; it was all too much!

We were soo not ready! But when would we ever be? I suppose it is better sooner than later.

Then suddenly, just when I thought I'd never get used to it, things has settled down. A routine has slowly established, and it was times like this, a magical moment when you see the 2 of them playing together, that made us know that everything was worth it.