Sunday, 18 September 2011

MAM Manual Breast Pump and Anti-colic Bottle

This is the second product MAM UK has sent me. I love the modern design, and am surprised that it came with an extra bottle!

About the product:

  • Around £35.00
  • BPA Free
  • Includes 1 pump, 1 x 130ml and 1 x 160ml anti-colic bottles, 2 teats (for newborn baby), 2 sealing discs, 1 manual booklet and 1 CD manual and information
  • Soft and flexible funnel that can be rotated to suit better expression positions
  • A selector dial for adjusting the expression strength
  • 4 parts only pump for easy assembly and cleaning

My review:

I am using a manual breast pump at the moment which is the second brand I've tried out. And MAM's manual breast pump definitely solved my issues with them!

4 parts pump

It is very easy to assemble/ dissemble, and very easy to clean. I like the idea of able to rotate the funnel to change expressing positions, which I always wished I could with my previous pumps. The dial to adjust the expression strength is an excellent idea as well! It is easy to use, pumping was smooth and I had no problem expressing.

I would suggest to use the thinner bottles to go with the pump if you have smaller hands like mine. I had some difficulty trying to express with the 130ml bottle as it is rounder and my hand was not big enough to hold on to the bottle while expressing.

Also make sure you have screwed the pump tightly enough onto the bottle. I didn't and the pump almost came off during expressing.

Another thing I'm impressed with and really love is their Anti-colic Bottles! It is well designed, BPA free and uses their soft silicone Silk Teat; has 80% less chance of colic, looks modern and the best thing is, it sterilises itself! How cool is that?

Each bottle contains 6 parts and are real easy to assemble. It is very easy to sterilise too.

1. Measure 20ml of cool water using the cap and pour it into the base

2. Place the screw ring with teat on top

3. Place the body on top (don't need to screw in)

4. Place the cap on the top and microwave for 3 minutes.

Now the bottle is ready to use! You can use the bottle to store milk as well by replacing the teat with the sealing disc.

C enjoying his milk from the bottle

Disclosure: I was given the breastpump set by MAM UK; all opinion are honest and my own