Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Munchkin Corner Bath Organiser

We've always had a problem with bath toys. We started off with the odd ones, then it 'grew' into a mountain of them. At one point we have so many until our child couldn't move around in her bath freely.

We have tried a few bath toys organiser, and they either break, because it couldn't hold the weight of all the toys, or they are covered in limescale.

Finally, we decided to give Munchkin Corner Bath Organiser a go.

About the product:

  • Around £5.99
  • Made of mildew resistant neoprene that keeps all the bath toys dry and organized

My review:  

We fitted it in the corner of the bath, several inches above the bath tub. The design is probably a bit too quirky for our bathroom, but as long as it keeps our bathroom tidy and the toys clean, that isn't such a big problem for us.

It has 4 suction pads, and like any other suction pads, you need to apply some water at the back before squeezing it against the wall so that it will stay put.

It is very roomy, fitted all our bath toys inside without a problem. It carried all the weight from the toys and never fell off ever since we placed it on the wall. The fabric is thick and strong, a bit like a diving suit material. We've used it for a couple of months now and no limescale or mildew has been growing so far.

The only problem is that the drain hole is located too high, so whatever water leaked from the wet bath toys get stored up inside the organiser. And since the fabric is partially waterproof (again, diving suit material), that puddle of water was going nowhere until we poured it out ourselves. We've tried adjusting the suction pads (see picture above), attempting to tilt the organiser but it wouldn't work. So at the moment, we leave bath toys outside to dry for a night, before we tidy them up inside the organiser.

I have contacted Munchkin regarding the drain hole issue, and the kind lady promised to refer the problem back to the R&D.

Overall, we think its a nice product, comparing to what is out in the market, especially because it is mildew resistant. It looks quirky, kids would love it; it doesn't take up much space as its fitted in the corner. It holds all the toys inside without threatening to fall off the wall, and you can tell its made of good quality, so I think its value for money. (We bought it on offer as well which is a bonus)