Thursday, 29 September 2011

Something Old...

I'm busy trying to sort my new phone out, so I'll just post something old for now, please bear with me :)

When its not your day, it really isn't your day. I made a cake for a friend's birthday back in March 2011, but everything went wrong with it. It fell off the baking tray inside the oven for a start. I carefully patched it up with cream and buttercream (pink layer), but when I tried to move it from a plate to a box, it fell and there was no way I could have patched it up again.

I was gutted and couldn't bring myself to give it to my friend, so I took this picture and showed it to her instead lol.

So next time, when you feel that whatever you do isn't smooth going, trust your gut and don't do anything big and dangerous, just put up ur feet and relax!