Sunday, 25 September 2011

Swim and Dine

We went swimming yesterday with the kids. My goodness that was hard work! I was sitting there for half an hour at home making sure that I've got everything and baby can stay warm on the side of the pool until it's his turn to get in.

We had a great time (although A ended up ill that night) and we were all starving by the time we finished. So we decided to have a late lunch across the road. We originally planned to go for 2 meals for £10, plus a children meal for £3.50. But for an extra £1.50 we could have an extra children meal and a dessert to share. So we went for it.

After the meal, we were already very stuffed. So we were glad that the ice-cream was  to share between all of us. But then this came:

They served us the whole Vienetta on its tray! Imagine the shock we had on our faces! I was tempted to ask her to give me the box back so I can take it home and shove it in my freezer instead.

This reminded me of a meal we had last week with a friend at Pizza Hut. I had a 2 for 1 card and I brought in a Don't Open Me envelope as well which gave us another 40% off on top of the 2 for 1! So we had a garlic bread, 1 portion of wings, 2 large pizzas, free flow of salad and 3 drinks for 18 quid! We ended up bringing half a pizza home each, so that's another meal sorted. Bargain!