Thursday, 22 September 2011

To Buy or Not To Buy?

Seriously! What is wrong with Facebook? Just as all the complaints have died down, they do something new to get more negative critics!

Anyway. Since I've started writing my blog again, I thought, perhaps it is time for me to get a smartphone that's good for blogging. Had a chat with my husband and being a tech guy who loooves gadgets, he started browsing around.

He found a deal on Quidco that was only gonna cost me an extra £5 a month (from what I'm already spending) with a free Samsung Galaxy S phone. We got so excited about the deal I woke up early the next morning (we had the conversation when we went to bed) and did more investigation. Apparently the phone was at the clearance stage. Since I'm already using a phone I bought when they tried to make space in the stock room, I don't want another one like that.

So I continued browsing, and found the beautiful upgraded version Galaxy S2. It's White (yes!), stylish (yes yes!) and 8MP camera (hell yes!), with a front camera as well for easy webcamming (bonus!). But instead of being my usual self, buying it immediately, I kept an eye out for a good deal as I have to fork out much more for this phone.

After a few days of checking, I've finally found the almost perfect deal at £20 per month (24 months). For such a high end phone we think it's really good.

I immediately told my husband about the deal. He considered it and thought it was great as well. He suggested me to go and have a look at the phone in a shop and make sure that I really liked it. I said: For what? What can a dummy phone in the shop tell me? It has great features, great reviews, and it looks just like an iPhone 4! He laughed and agreed with me. But again, I didn't buy it, still thinking that perhaps there will be an even better deal coming soon. I had 2 more days before the deal expires anyway. (This is sooo not me who have an impulsive buying habit, so the wait was extra painful)

Then we had a chance to take a look at the phone in the supermarket, which I must say I was very thankful of.

I stared at the S2 in white for several seconds with no expression and an empty brain. Then "Why is it soo BIG?! Why?? Seriously, WHY?!"

My husband looked at it and he laughed "And you call my iPhone 3GS a brick! What are you gonna call this, a WALL?!" He said that he'd have problem fitting it in his jeans' pocket.

I was gutted. As I said ages ago to hubby about his iPhone, it's ok to hold it in your hand for apps and such, but when you put it next to your ear, it looks stupid. At least I feel stupid. This would look even worse! I also think its too thin and too light. It's missing that 'feel'.

We looked around the shop a bit more, and noticed that all the latest models (LG, HTC) are as gigantic as the S2. I suppose people do opt for bigger screen nowadays, but isn't it just like a tablet? If you want a bigger screen, go get yourself a tab, don't increase the phone size! Suddenly I remembered seeing a picture somewhere with a man holding an iPad next to his ear...

Then we saw Galaxy Ace. The size is right, it has that slight heaviness in the hand that I like, but it's black, 5MP camera and no front camera. I suppose it's still ok, since I just wanted to upgrade to a smartphone.

I checked on the Internet when we got home, and noticed that although it has fantastic reviews, it also has a known issue where the phone will switch off suddenly and required to be reset by replacing the battery. That can't be good!

I sat in front of my computer for hours, having a dilemma. Which one should I go for?

I rang up my cousin who gave me some great advice:

1. Don't buy the Galaxy Ace. Sorted
2. HTC Desire S is quite good for what you are looking for. Ok will keep that in mind but I'm not very keen in the shape
3. Consider the S2 again, the size might grow on you. Could be true
4. Wait for about 2-4 weeks when new stuff comes out. I suppose I'm not in a rush
5. Consider Windows phones. I should yea

Then I sat there for another hour, having another dilemma. To buy or not to buy?

*waves at hubby* "Loook! Samsung Omnia 7!!" "Cool!!"

Back to browsing I guess.