Wednesday, 12 October 2011

BritMums Blog Prompt - Best Day Spent with Family

BritMums has been doing a blog prompt every week, but I never manage to join in (blog block!). I was really excited about this week's personal prompt, but mine is a weekend instead of a day.

It was during the Easter Holiday weekend this year, and it was one of the best weekend we ever had as a family of 3 (plus a baby in my tum). The weather was fantastic and we were very motivated to go to a lot of places before Clay's born and we get too busy.

First we went to Farmer Parrs Animal World. We had a great time looking at lots of farm animals.

Abby feeding a goat

Abby following the ducks

There was even an Animal Show where the kids get to see the animals right in front of them and touch them. I wasn't very impressed when they've invited a granny to go up the stage and put a rat on her head without her consent though. (Yes it was funny, but seriously!) If it was me I'll be sooo pissed off angry!

We let Abby paint a snail at their pottery shop where part of the money would be donated to a charity. Only thing is, we didn't get the right snail back, which is a shame.

There is a big outdoor playground and we watched Abby, for the first time ever, climbing rocks! Our cheeky monkey <3

On Sunday, we went to Hoghton Tower for the Easter egg painting and rolling.

Fab weather!

We were given 2 eggs, so while Abby got on with hers, me and hubby had a go at ours.

We made a big mess with it (see that pink egg above?), and decided that we should take all the deco apart instead of embarrassing ourselves. We found some Dandelions and glued them onto the egg, nature for the win (*cough* Geek *cough*)!

Abby's egg with stars, ours with Dandelions

Time to roll!

We left a bit earlier and had a lovely BBQ at home!

I wonder whether we need to wait until Clay can start running about before we can have another outing like this?