Monday, 17 October 2011

BritMums Blog Prompt: My 5 Favourite Blogs

I'm loving BritMums Blog prompts! This week it is all about 'Pleasure', I have to admit I giggled a bit there. Initially I wanted to write about the other prompt: If I have one day all to myself, what will I do? I thought really hard, but I came to conclusion that I'd be doing exactly the same things. The only difference is that I can focus without needing to attend to Abby and Clay!

So I'll use this chance, given by dearest BritMums, to tell you what my 5 favourite blogs are, and why.

I've started looking at food blogs one day about 2 years ago, with sleeping Abby in my arms, fascinated about all the gorgeous desserts the they made. Another thing that impressed me, was how lovely the pictures were. It's almost like they were all food photographers as well! The ones listed below inspired me the most.

(In no particular order; blog names link to their websites)

Nordljus (In English)

Written by Japanese blogger Keiko who is currently living in the UK. Her blog is absolutely beautiful. It's more brain food for me, as I really enjoy looking at her pictures. I did try out some of her recipes, but they are more for advanced cooks, especially those who are good with attention to details.

Angel's Home (In Chinese)

Angel is a very patient and sharing blogger, who did a great research on Macarons and Chiffon Cakes, and shared her test results and knowledge with her readers. I learnt how to make Macarons from her and results were fantastic. Her recipes are great and I have tried a lot of them e.g the really soft Chinese/Japanese style buns (see Soft Soft Bread )

L'Atelier Vi (In English and Chinese)

Venus is a Chinese aspiring fashion designer who lives in California. She happen to be Keiko's fan as well! Her blog is equally beautiful, and she recently opened up her own catering business. Her blog is my brain food as well, and some of her recipes are easy to make too. I wish I can take such gorgeous pictures, but I'm lacking the attention to detail and patience.

Vanlily (In Chinese)

Vanlily is a Hong Kong food blogger who loves baking and making desserts. She has been taking online orders and again all her food are lovely. She is the blogger who inspired me the most, I have learnt so much from her! And when I have questions, she always tried her best to help me. I have tried a lot of her recipes including the Delux Chocolate Cake and they are delicious and not at all hard to make. I'll find a chance to translate some more of my favourite recipes :)

Tai Siu 9 (In Chinese)

Tai Siu Lai is again a Hong Kong food blogger and books author, blogging mainly about her family life, starters and mains. When I have trouble thinking of what to cook, her blog is naturally the first place I go to. And she is quite funny too!

Ever since I had Clay, I haven't been able to be much creative with my cooking. And since I've started writing my blog again, I've shifted my focus on parenting blogs. But these were the blogs which not only inspired me to start my own baking, but also inspired me to start writing my own blog. My literacy skill has improved (well, it was worse before haha) and I feel that I'm catching up with the world again.