Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bush Baby Mini Back Pack and a Discount Code

Keep on reading if you are interested in getting a 15% off discount for Lodger baby products :)

I've mentioned before that everytime we go out, we had to do a huge checklist making sure we are prepared for any situation. And when we are going to stay over at our family's for a short weekend, we ended up packing like we are moving house (or at least the kids' bedroom). But a lot of time we find ourselves not using half of the things I've packed.

Thanks to Fuelmyblog, I get to know about Travelling with Children, which was created by Annie who had exactly the same problem. It is a shop with all these useful products for people like us to make travelling with children easier and safer.

Bush Baby Toddler Mini Back Pack with Rein

About the product:
  • £15.99 (Apple Green, Blue, Pink, Red)
  • Suitable for 12mths - 4 yrs old
  • Won Mother & Baby Gold Award for Best Safety Product 2010/11
  • Removable lead rein
  • Easy access grab handle for emergencies
  • Reflector for night time safety
  • 3-way harness
  • Soother/ toys attachment

My review:

I used to use a harness to keep hold onto Abby when she just learnt how to walk around. It wasn't easy to hold as I was holding on the long strap which I had to loop around my palm. And when I had to pull her back for emergency it was hard as it was very long, and she'd always fall.

This mini pack however, works in everyway I needed it to. The rein is comfortable to hold and easy to unhook from the pack. For emergency all I need to do is to grab the handle on the top of the pack, and the child won't fall backwards. The pack won't fall off the shoulders either as there is an extra harness to strap on in the front around the waist. It can be personalised as well by hanging your child's favourite toy or soother, which means less clutter in MY bag! In fact, I might just make Clay carry his own nappies in the future *smirk*

Did I mention that you can get a 15% off discount code? Yes! You can now buy Lodger products from Travelling with Children and get a 15% off with this code - lodger

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Happy shopping!

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Disclosure: I was given a mini-pack to review and keep; all opinion are honest and my own