Friday, 28 October 2011

How To Be A Manipulative Mummy - A Donkey and An Angel

Tuesday 5:30pm. Hubby brought Abby home from pre-school.

Hubby, a bit helpless: 'Abby, go tell mummy about the donkey.'
Me, eyebrow raised: 'What donkey?'
Abby, very excited and proud: 'Mummy! I'm gonna be a donkey!!'

Me, over-reacted: 'WHAT?! What donkey?!' And why is she so proud about it?!
Hubby: They are going to do a Christmas play. Teacher wanted her to be an Angel, but she said no because she wanted to be a donkey.'

Me, unimpressed: 'Why?! Why would you want to be a donkey??'
Abby: 'Because I want to be a donkey!'
Me: 'What's wrong with being an Angel??!'
Abby: 'I don't want to be an Angel, I want to be a donkeyyy'

While part of me understand that I should just let her choose whatever she wanted to be, I couldn't help but wanting to try to change her mind. Seriously, how many girls at her age would choose a donkey over an Angel?! And then I remembered. Abby was never keen in Angels because she couldn't imagine how an Angel look like. She know fairies has transparent wings, but the idea of bird wings doesn't attract her the least bit.

So I Googled Christmas Play and showed her what she'd be like if she's to be a donkey or an Angel.

I know I know. I shouldn't manipulate her, but, see it this way, it's better she know now what she's getting herself into, than regretting later when she got her donkey outfit on asking whether she can be an Angel instead.

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So, as expected: 'Mummy, I want to be an Angel now'
Me, feeling a bit guilty: 'Are you sure? You can be a donkey if you really want to'
Abby: 'No I want to be an Angel'

Today we found out that she is going to be an Angel. Apparently they changed the play a bit to include a non-talking just singing Angel, just for her. Oh dear.

In bed before going to sleep.

Abby: 'Mummy I don't want feather hands'
Me: 'You won't. Angels' wings are on the back.'
Abby: 'Ooh hahahahaha'

Is that why she didn't like to be an Angel before? Because she thought that they have wings instead of hands?!