Saturday, 1 October 2011

A little rant...

I'm sure that most of you out there hate to see a dentist. No matter whether its just a routine check up (my hubby called it a human MOT), or any bigger jobs, we cringe everytime we sat in that chair, trying to breath normally or not to turn our head away to avoid the dentist's hands.

The fact that it's already a nerve wracking experience, the last thing we need is a nasty receptionist to make our visit even more unpleasant.

There is a really nice receptionist at our practice who is always kind and helpful. She understood that I couldn't drive (waiting for my provisional license now) and we live quite far away from the surgery (which is very normal within the UK), so she always tried to help us to get our appointments together on the same day and in the evening if possible. So whenever we do need to visit the dental surgery, we know that we at least can see her warm and welcoming smile.

Then there is this nasty, grumpy receptionist, who I avoid if possible. She isn't grumpy by nature, but she is definitely being very difficult. Well, with us at least, my hubby was certain that she was being all chatty to another patient (we could only hear her voice at that time)

Just this Tuesday, we finished our routine check up, and had to book another appointment for both of us (good that A has good teeth!). She told me the next available appointment with the therapist (NHS hygienist who does cleaning and polishing) was on Thursday at 2:20pm. Since I have been seeing one around 3:30pm all the time, I asked her whether there is a later appointment available. She said, in a bitchy attitute (pretending to be all sweet and lovely but obviously nasty): "no unfortunately there is no later appointments available for therapists (you lying biatch cow woman!!). But we do have a private hygienist available, it will cost you £34.00 if you are interested?" (£$%"$^")

Now, just because I don't drive, I was trying to move to a time that's more suitable for us (seriously, how many out there can say that they just accept whatever time they were given by whoever was making the appointments for them?!), and we were under the NHS, doesn't mean we deserve that attitute now do we?

Luckily I don't have to go back for another 6 months.

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