Friday, 21 October 2011

My Pumpkin is turning into a Dark Fairy

Last year was the first time Abby went for Trick or Treat-ing. We joint up with her cousins down South and they had a fab time together roaming the streets harassing the innocents. As she was only 2 at the time and didn't quite understand the whole Trick or Treat thing, I decided not to make her too scary (so she won't scare herself in the mirror). I had no problem getting her in this too cute to be scary outfit, and she loved it so much we had to bribe her to get out of it.

Anyway, after the first victims begged the little mischiefs to take the treats, Abby had a taste of victory. It was sweet, and she was hooked. She had suddenly transformed from a shy newbie mischief who just stood behind her elder cousins, staring at the sweets that the victims so freely threw in her bucket, to a fully fletched little devil who barged in and shouted: Trick or Treat! while her cheeky hand had already dipped into the sweets bowl. On the other hand, she still looked so innocent, although fascinated about the whole thing, while saying 'Thank you' to those who couldn't help smiling at her.

This year, the then innocent little pumpkin, or as Abby call it, 'punk-in', has grown. She is going to pre-school and is bossing fellow classmates around. Will she still be the innocent little mischief on the night of Trick or Treats (Felt a pinch there, she's growing up too fast!)? Mind you, she will be a Dark Fairy with no support from her elder cousins this time, so she might just appoint me as her partner in crime. Watch it neighbours, mama is here!