Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Redlove Apple Tree

Last year I saw Suttons advertising their new Redlove apple, saying that it's pretty, delicious and easy to grow. I was attracted to the dwarf apple tree which grows upwards instead of sideways, so after some careful consideration, I bought my first fruit tree.

We planted it in November, and hoped that the fragile tree won't snap. Months have gone past, other blossom trees had blossomed, and finally in April the tree started to bloom.

I understood that whatever fruit I get should be removed in the first year of planting so that the tree can use the energy to grow stronger instead. But I was planning to keep maybe 2 to try and share. Who would have thought that I only get 1 fruit??!!

Then a second opportunity arrived (so I thought). On the day before my birthday, another Redlove apple tree appeared on my front step. It was really funny as I didn't recall buying another one. So while I was looking baffled, wondering whether Suttons has made a mistake, my hubby gave me the "WTF another tree??!!" glare. Appearantly a while ago I've entered a competition held by The Horticultural Channel to win 1 of 10 Redlove apple trees which I've totally forgotten. We were laughing at ourselves and I was really pleased to receive an early birthday present.

Anyway. As I said, I thought I was given another chance for more apples this year. The tree looked much healthier than the one I bought, and there were many more blossoms growing. But nothing came. The tree has simply blossomed at the wrong time. There was nothing to pollinate those lovely flowers.

So I was left with the one and only Redlove apple the 2 trees gave me.

I was so excited about my first apple I've been checking on it almost everyday. Then the unthinkable had happened. It disappeared. It was no where to be seen, not on the branches, not on the floor, it's just gone. And I don't even know who the thief was!

I can only hope that next year I will have a bundle of it.