Wednesday, 16 November 2011

BritMums Blog Prompt - Thanks

This week BritMums blog prompt is about something I'm grateful for. In the UK we never celebrate thanksgiving, but I think we should. There are so many people out there who are ungrateful and only know how to take others (government, family, taxpayers etc) for granted, we can really do with a day to say what we are thankful of to bring them back to reality.

First and foremost, I need to thank my parents. (Suddenly a picture of me saying my thank you on stage after winning an award flashed in my head.....) Thank you for giving me my life, and looked after me for so long.

Then my brothers and sister-in-laws who looked after me since I've moved to the UK, and being so supportive ever since.

My dearest hubby, who is ever so patient with me, thank you for loving me, supporting me, and giving me the best quality of life, I really can't ask for more. And thank you for giving me 2 adorable yet cheeky babies, our family is complete :)

I thank hubby's parents for giving me such a wonderful husband.

I'm grateful for having 2 healthy babies. Comparing to a lot of families out there, we are very lucky. I'm also grateful that hubby is on flexi hours, allowing me to have maximum support from him.

Finally, thank you BritMums for giving me such an inspiring blog prompt <3