Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chocolate and Vanilla Mousse with Raspberry Jelly Cake

Who would have thought that a little girl's flu (or something) can knock almost the whole family (apart from the ever so strong hubby) down? Abby's fever remains, apparently she has a mild ear infection as well. Clay has a bit of wheezy cough, as well as a mild fever, now taking Atrovent Inhaler. And I'm having a headache, fever and tiredness, no clue what kind of cough I have as I forgot to book an appointment with the GP myself (Ahhh the love of a mum...)

Anyway. I was gonna post a recipe of something, but I need to dig the recipe out. So I'll just post a pic first, and will update the recipe later.

I know, it's not the prettiest cake, I was rushing and you can't expect much from a pregnant woman whose baby was going to be due in another month (excuses excuses). But this cake went down really well. We've discovered that it's still yummy when it's half frozen, a bit like ice-cream!

I attempted to make a cake border with writings on, it was successful but seriously could have been much better. I poured a layer of Vanilla Mousse on the top, only to have it ruin the cake as the cake wasn't fitting snugly against the cake tin (I swear I'll invest into a 7" bottomless cake ring) I've also ruined the fruit by washing it. What does other people do? Do you ever wash them before you put them on the cake?!

I'm happy with the heavenly chocolate and vanilla mousse, the successfully made from scratch raspberry jelly and the chocolate cake base.

I'm definitely making this cake again, but will simplify it.

Recipe to follow

Oh. Did I mention I am participating the NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month? It means a blog post a day, and today is day 10. Might need to fit in a lot of Silent days in between lol...