Monday, 14 November 2011

Coventry Noodle Bar

As a Chinese who doesn't live near China towns, we are constantly on the lookout for good Chinese food, especially noodle bars, which are cheaper than restaurants. We always go to one for lunch in Asia while restaurants are mainly for dinner.

Everytime there is a new noodle bar opened in a town that we visit frequently, we will try it. But everytime we were disappointed, and always ended up saying (after we left): how long do you think this one will last (before it closes down)?

But this time, we actually found one that we are more than happy to visit everytime we head down South to see our family, and fingers crossed it won't close down!

They have an impressive selection of choices, seeing that their kitchen is only so small. They even serve Dim Sum that taste better than some restaurants we went to! We always order Shanghai Xiu Loong Buns, which aren't really buns but more dumplings (juicy minced pork wrapped with a thin layer of pasta to contain all that juice), and Steamed Glutinous Rice Chicken in Lotus Leaves, which are little parcels of extra sticky rice wrapped around pieces of meat and mushrooms, scented and flavoured by lotus leaves on the outside. Yummy!

A favourite especially in Hong Kong - Iced Lemon Tea. They normally come in small glasses but here you'll get a pint of it! It wasn't sweet enough for me so I asked for extra sweetness just like one would in Asia.

Yes! That bowl is giant! You'll always find waitresses struggling to handle one bowl in each hand because they are solid porcelyn bowls and plates. These bowls (size wise) are normally used to serve Japanese noodles (Udon, Ramen, etc). No idea why the owner of the bar prefer these bowls (Chinese noodles are served in much smaller bowls), but as a customer we are extremely happy with the portions!

This was my Chilli-Salt Pepper Pork Chop Udon Soup, which is my favourite so far. I did started sneezing a lot while eating, they must have chucked in a lot of white pepper in it, dee-licious!

This was my hubby's, I think it was Beef Brisket with Fried Tofu Egg Noodle Soup. My family and hubby always go for beef brisket. I don't remember much of it to be honest, I think I'll convince him to get something else next time for me to try haha.

My second favourite, which I've forgotten to take a pic of (bought it to take home) is Satay House Special Egg Fried Rice, a bit spicey (actually, quite spicey, I wondered how my brother can eat that when I normally eat spicier food than him!), full of flavours and plently of ingredients! Loove the squid in it <3

Noodle Bar
9 Bull Yard
City Centre

02476 551 388

Last Order 8:45pm