Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dark Fairy (and a Giveaway)

Last year my baby was a cute little pumpkin, and now she has already grown up into a mischievous fairy. Really wish they can slow down on the growing up!

We first went to her pre-school's Halloween Stay and Play in the afternoon. By the time we got there, we realised she has lost her wings! I was a bit upset, especially because there was already a piece missing from the set when we bought it. Abby, however, was the one who tried to comfort me: 'Aww it's okay mummy, don't worry.'

Hubby decided to pop by, and guess what? He found the wings! Apparently we dropped it on the road about 5 mins away from home, he drove passed and found it, phew! We all kept saying: Daddy saved the day! He was so chuffed!

After the party and some dinner, the Trick or Treaters started appearing at around 6pm. I took Abby out to join the fun, and this girl is not a shy one. She knocked and shouted without a problem. Amazing how much she has changed within a year! She was only frightened away once when an overly excited dog came out and sniffed at her. But I broke into a sweat there. So lucky it wasn't one of those aggressive dogs that bites!

Abby decided that she had enough, while I was still looking for more to harass! And then I had a fright when someone went BOO at my door. Seriously, you asked me: Trick or Treat, and I was holding the treats, then don't go and play a trick on me!! I'll definitely re-consider whether we'll be doing this again next year or not.

Anyway, now that we've got a full bucket of sweets, what shall we do with it? My mum told me that there was a case somewhere some time ago where someone poisoned the sweets! I googled it, and I found this clip about someone giving out packets of rat poison that looked like gummy coins to the Trick or Treaters.

With this in mind, I really rather not eat what we were given. We did think of cancelling at first, but it's part of the fun for being a child, and we don't want to take that away from her. There are already too many precautions because of the nutcases roaming around in our society, spoiling almost everything that can make a good memory (pictures in swimming pool, videos for nativity play, etc)

So we sticked to visiting those that has Halloween decorations visible, and I've decided to chuck all those sweets away, even if it invites criticism. I'll swap her treats with those we bought ourselves, trying not to be over paranoid about things (OMG supermarket food could be poisoned too!!)

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