Monday, 7 November 2011

For Star Wars or Wallace & Gromit Fans

Are you, or do you know someone who is a Star Wars and/ or Wallace & Gromit fan? You do? Then you must read on!

I was asked to check out a selection of manuals and books published by Haynes. Some motor manuals, football stuff. I wasn't really interested, but just when I was writing a reply email in my head " ... unfortunately I'm not interested in motoring nor sports..." the 2 manuals caught my eyes. Hmm? Star Wars spaceship manual? Wallace & Gromit one as well? I started to doubt my ever so poor English, does manual mean something else other than user guide or instructions?

I was looking for Gifts for Men then, for my Christmas Gifts Ideas feature, and I could think of a lot of men who would be interested in them. So I requested the review copies to take a closer look.

About the product:
  • Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual
  • £14.99
  • Hardback, 128 pages, 150 colour illustrations
  • Covering operational history, piloting, propulsion, weapons, engineering systems, sensors and crew facilities
  • The most thorough technical guide to the Millennium Falcon available.
  • Fully authorised and approved by Lucasfilm

About the product:
  • Wallace & Gromit Cracking Contraptions Manual 2
  • £12.99 from Haynes Online
  • Hardback, 104pages, 50 colour illustrations and 25 back and white illustrations
  • Features detailed and fully labelled cutaways, together with informative technical descriptions

My review:
My hubby was really excited when the books arrived. He knew straight away what Haynes do and have heard of the fun "manuals" they were doing as well.

Star Wars

Wallace & Gromit

We went through the books and were really impressed. Although the spaceship and Wallace's inventions were all fake (Come on!), they managed to create proper and detailed manuals out of them. The pictures are of good quality and they put in a lot of attention to details.

These would be the perfect gift for any fans or geeks who likes to enlighten themselves with technical stuff ;)

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Disclosure: I've requested a review copy for the books; all opinion are honest and my own