Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Good Food Show: Winter 2011

Me and hubby are food lovers. We love to try new stuff, and where else to do so than a food expo, such as the Good Food Show? We've been there a few times in the past, but living at least 2 hours drive away from any of the show's location means that we can't always make it to the show every year.

This year, I was one of the lucky bloggers who was sponsored by Belling UK to go to the winter Good Food Show in Birmingham NEC. It is my first time going to an event from a media's point of view so I was really excited!

 We managed to get a really good ticket offer online for hubby and off we went!

Such a lovely morning (8:15am)

Got to the press office, got my badge, some press info, and met the kind PR Adrian from Belling UK.

A shame that we missed the chance to meet and chat with Brian Turner as there were loads of people there already. We only managed to get a glimpse of him cooking Fish & Chips from Belling's Tweet Pie Recipe Book, which includes 50 Twitter recipes written within the 140 characters limit.

Click to enlarge

I saw this interesting cooker from Belling, covered with pictures of their Facebook fans. A woman was showing her picture to someone else, quirky!

We expected to leave early as we arrived much earlier than we normally would. But there was so much to see we ended up staying the whole day!

We've seen these apples in the supermarket before but never got to trying them. They are really sweet and crispy! Apparently it's a cross breed between Braeburn and Royal Gala (our favourite), will definitely buy again! This Jazz apple might be the reason why Royal Gala has disappeared from our nearby supermarkets!

Quite a lot of cooking going on this year, unless because last time we arrived too late and missed out on all the actions!

These sausages are a must buy! They are one of the best gourmet sausages we ever tasted! 7 packs for £20.00 is a bargain! We brought a cooler bag just for these ;)

We love seafood and Orkney sell some really delicious ones! £8.00 for 2 packets of crab claws! A shame we didn't buy the Sweet Cured Herrings, by the time we went back to pick the claws up they were all gone :(

Already had a packet of claws and sausages in our tummy!

Yummy fudge from Fudge Kitchen, who gave me a lovely sample packet to try!

Will post about it seperately :) 

We walked past this stall and have been wondering whether these birds were real or not. Then we saw this:


Yes! It's Tim Kinnaird from Master Chef 2010! He's selling his lovely Macarons and Cakes! He was so busy I couldn't grab a picture with him, ah well.

Forgot to take a picture of their stand, was too busy chatting with Emerald Fox's lovely people! They gave me a press sample pack to try, will let you know how we get on with their wasabi products :)

£2.00 for 8 packets of crisps  

2 for £1.00 Happy Eggs Scotch eggs, the best I ever had! £1.00 for a pack of Bavaria Shandy and get a pack of alcohol free beer for free! M&S Belgian Waffle Sandwiches, £1.00 each box. And these Mrs. Crimbles Gluten Free rice crackers are OMG! Absolutely yummy! Again, £1.00 per box.

Silverspoon's new sweetener that's going to launch in the UK this week. They gave their French version freely away at the show.

We even got £1.00 per Roast Turkey Baps which were originally £3.50 each, so juicy! Come to think of it, we should have bought more to bring home!

Really love staying until the end of the show where all the bargains starts! The show's shopping dropping point was also giving away their shopping bags and everyone just took a big stack of them. They will come in handy when we do our shopping!

We loaded the car full of goodies and were totally knackered when we got home. We had such a fantastic day!

Disclosure: I was given a press pass from Belling UK; all opinions are honest and my own