Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Honey Honey Honey

Some time ago my mum introduced us to Manuka honey, which is anti-bacterial and has healing properties. I wasn't really sure whether it helped or not, but it certainly tasted nice.

Recently Storm Com gave me some new honey to try that are from New Zealand Honey Co. The honey and the brand looked familiar, and they both have a rating on the bottles that reminded me of the Manuka honey we had. It didn't click until I went on their website. Apparently they were the one who made the Manuka honey we've been eating! But I was too familiar with the jars so didn't notice.

So they added other new honey products in squeezy bottles - Beech Forest Honeydew and Thyme Honey

About the products:
  • £3.49 (340g bottle) at Waitrose
  • Beech Forest Honeydew has pre-biotics which are good for the gut and for strengthening the immune system
  • Thyme Honey is full of antioxidants that can help neutralise harmful free radicals, which have been known to cause anxiety and other common health problems

My review:

We prefer honey that has a mild taste, so we really liked the Beech Forest Honeydew, which isn't over powering with a honey smell. It's clean and sweet. I think it will be great as a sugar substitute, and it will be the one that we just dilute with warm water to make a delicious honey drink. Abby loves this one.

Thyme honey is probably more suitable for cooking, as the floral smell is a bit overpowering and we weren't very keen in just eating it like that. I'm very sure it will add great flavour to dishes though.

Then of course, if you prefer a stronger honey taste, like some of us who prefer stronger cheese, then the Thyme honey is definitely for you.

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Disclosure: I was given 2 bottles of honey to try; all opinion are honest and my own