Saturday, 12 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 12 - Update and Reminder

Sorry it's been a bit hectic this week since Abby fell sick, and then passed on the virus to us as well. It's amazing how as a mum, you can really find the energy to look after your sick children when you yourself are sick as well (and still do NaBloPoMo, ha!). I was always the one hiding in bed being all pathetic and asks for sympathy. Now even hubby didn't realise I was falling apart until I was close to dying (yes, pathetic aren't I? Told you so.)

Anyway, Abby is on her way to recovery (I think NHS direct is pleased that we aren't clogging up their emergency line anymore), but we've gotten all paranoid with Clay. After all, he's only 5 months old and it was the first time for us seeing a baby coughing that much (Abby didn't have anyone to pass her the germs until she was 2). Instead of bugging NHS direct, we went straight to the GP who said that he's got a bit of a wheezy cough. Two days later, we went back again (Surprised?) and he was still convinced that Clay wasn't as bad as we thought. But for peace sake to reassure us, he sent us straight to the Paediatricians (so that we won't be going back to him every other day for something minor I suppose) for an assessment.

We stayed there for a few hours. We were suppose to wait in the waiting room, but because we were all coughing, they decided to put us in a private ward instead. At the end they were very happy to discharge us.

I suppose there might be tax payers out there thinking that we are one of those over using the NHS service, but it's better safe than sorry isn't it? I don't want to end up being like the mum we saw at the ward who had broken down in tears (we don't know why).

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