Thursday, 17 November 2011

NSPCC All Babies Count Campaign - Sudocrem

 *Update: There are some information changes and update on this campaign soon. Keep an eye out for new information before you try to show your support ;)

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NSPCC has launched a new campaign - All Babies Count.
Babies are 8 times more likely to be killed than any other age group in childhood, and according to their research report, nearly 200,000 babies across the UK are in family affected by the following problems: domestic violence, mental health problems, and drink and drug dependency among parents, which are known to be important risk factors in cases of abuse and neglect.
They are currently asking everyone to help prevent abuse and neglect of babies by:
  • pledging your support for the campaign by signing the pledge here.

  • 'Like' Sudocrem Facebook page for them to donate 50p to the campaign.

  • Tweet about the campaign for Sudocrem to donate 25p to the campaign.

  • And of course, a more direct approach, to donate to their campaign yourself.

Disclosure: I was made known about this campaign through, but they did not ask me to do anything. I write this post purely for good cause