Monday, 21 November 2011

SK Modelling Chocolate Cocoform

I came upon this website Squires Kitchen that provides baking equipments and ingredients. It immediately got my full attention because they stock the Callebaut chocolate moulds that I was looking for!

Their lovely PR recommended something different for me to try - Chocolate cocoform. I always wondered how chocolatiers made those beautiful sculptures with chocolate, and here is my answer! When I received it, I quickly snapped some pictures, washed my hands, prepped the table and went straight into it.

About the product:
  • £5.50 (150g)
  • Made from pure Belgian Chocolate and Glucose
  • Dark, Milk, White, Green, Red
  • Flavoured ones include Strawberry (Pink), Cappuccino (Brown) 

My review:

Oh my! I haven't had this much fun for AGES!! They have an online video tutorial, illustrated by their chocolatier Mark Tilling, teaching you how to make a rose with cocoform. At first I thought, well he's a professional of course it is easy for him. It must be one of those that it looks easier than done video. But it's not! It's really that easy. I couldn't pause the video with my chocolaty hands so I just kept on going (I did watch it before I start so I know what I'm doing) and look at my rose, not bad for a first attempt huh? (Excuse the corn flour)

I had so much fun I even dusted it with edible gold dust hehehe.

Although only 150g, you really can do a lot with it. Like this rose, at the end you'll cut off the excess chocolate which I think can easily turn into a second rose.

These are fantastic to put on top of my cakes and they are edible too! Have I mentioned that they are absolutely yummy?

Disclosure: I was given a pack of 150g cocoform to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own