Monday, 5 December 2011

Viridian Coconut Oil

Our parents used to have a shop in Holland where we sell all sorts, from Chinese food to hair care. One thing I remembered was coconut hair care products. They were supposed to be really good for hair, and a lot of Black customers (I checked Wiki, it's a term that should be ok to use. Please don't be offended as I did not intend to do so) bought them. I had no idea why they prefer coconut hair care products, and always thought that perhaps they liked the smell of it.

About three weeks ago I saw Viridian's press release for their 100% Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. They mentioned that it is great for dry skin, as well as dry itchy scalp. As I am suffering from Seborrhoeic Eczema, I wanted to try and see whether it'll work on me. I told their PR about my problem and they have kindly agreed to send me a sample to try.

About the product:
  • £14.00 (500g)
  • Cold Pressed from coconut flesh
  • Solvent free
  • 100% organic
  • Use on dry skin or in food recipes

My review:

For some reason, I never made the connection between 100% coconut oil and food. I think I was kind of expecting something that is made for the hair and skin. So it took me by surprise when I opened the jar and a strong coconut smell hit me. It is just that, coconut oil. Nothing else. Being cold compressed from raw coconut flesh means that it is pure.

I took a bit of the white creamy substance (a bit like lard, coconutty lard) and instantly it melted into a clear liquid on my finger. So it was really easy to apply it on my scalp. The coconut smell is gorgeous and I kept thinking of eating it. Although the next day it started to smell of baby sick! Good thing that you ARE suppose to wash it off after keeping it in over night.

I used it a few times since then. It is quite difficult for me to find time to wash my hair in the morning with Abby and Clay to look after, so I used them during weekends. My scalp has become less itchy and the dried scabs has become much thinner than before.

I stopped for a while to check what the exact difference the oil made. And after a few days, the scabs has become thicker again and the itching sensation has become stronger. I think if I have used it more frequently the result would be much better and obvious.

I also let hubby use it as he has a very dry elbow patch. The coconut oil is easily absorbed and he said that it has become much better now.

So, how does this 100% pure coconut oil work so well, while creams and moisturisers doesn't? After some research on the Net, it is said that although creams and moisturisers are absorbed quickly into the skin, the water content that makes skin look plump evaporates and soon enough your skin become dry again.

But with coconut oil, as it contains no water, it gets absorbed without evaporating at the end.

And since it is virgin coconut oil, which means that it has not been processed into hydrogenated oil and is composed mainly of medium chain triglycerides, it is healthier than partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, and probably normal coconut oil as well that contains high level of saturated fats.

So if you have a recipe that calls for solid vegetable fats, you can consider replacing it with virgin coconut oil.

One jar of oil that can be used for many things, nice one!

Disclosure: I was given a 25g sample jar to try; all opinions are honest and my own