Friday, 16 December 2011

Abby's First Nativity Play - The Cheeky Donkey

It was the first time Abby was part of a Nativity Play (or any performance) so we were really excited about it. But we had no idea what she was gonna be until yesterday, the day of the play. Initially we thought that we have managed to manipulate her into being an Angel.

Whenever she came home from pre-school, she'll claim that she is an Angel, but the teachers didn't know that (Leaving us with ?!?!). And when she started saying that she was walking with Joseph and Mary, our eyebrows were raised to the top of our heads. It sounded like the teachers has decided that she's going to be a donkey after all, and we finally understood why after the play.

Before the play
The play was held in a primary school nearby. When we got there, we quickly found the best spot for taking pictures and movies, only to find ourselves getting stuck as children who came afterwards rushed to stand in front of us when the play started. I hope I didn't upset a parent or two by asking their children nicely to sit so I can take pictures...

The fire where the shepherds met Gabrielle

Getting ready
I'll skip the details of the play, you can find out about the story (if you still don't know what it is about!!) on the Internet.

When Abby came out, we were going: Awww!! Soo cutee!!!! I know this sounds biased, but she was the cutest donkey I have ever seen! I did a Google on donkey outfits and this one provided by the nursery was really the cutest. (I seriously wouldn't mind keeping it!)

Watching her throughout the show, we just know that she wouldn't make a good Angel. She was very bouncy (to the beat) even when she was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed. We seriously need to find her a dance class soon.

And when we noticed what she was doing at the back, when children started filling in the empty space in front of her after their turn in the story, we were glad she wasn't sitting where the Angels were.

The cheeky donkey was feeling too hot and restless during the play in the costume so she started flipping the donkey hat up and down (covering her eyes). She soon caught the attention from those sitting nearest to her and they too started playing with her donkey hat. We even caught her favourite teacher telling them to stop!

After the play, me and hubby looked at each other and shook our head: she won't make a good Angel. But she was definitely the cutest and most mischievous donkey ever.