Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bread Maker Attempt #1: Sausage Buns

We love bread. We especially love Asian style bread. I used to make them myself, but after Clay was born, it became impossible to make them without neglecting the poor thing.

So after a long debate, we decided to get a bread maker. It was a scary decision as it was something we have no experience in. Good that there is a Which? guide to give us some idea on how to choose one, and which one has been tested as the best to buy.

The bread maker we needed obviously has to be able to make Asian style bread, which isn't easy to find. It needed to accept a wetter dough, and dairy ingredients. Asian style bread normally comes with fillings, so I'll need the bread maker to be able to just make the dough for me to play with. We do love our Fig and Pecan Nuts Loaf as well, so able to mix in fruits and nuts at the right stage is also important. We also don't have much space in the kitchen, so a space saver would be perfect.

We've gone through the whole list from the Which? guide, and decided that it has to be Panasonic SD2501WXC bread maker, which is the top bread maker in the market. But that cost £139.99 and we just couldn't afford that.

After 2 months of putting the plan aside, we happened to have a £25.00 Amazon gift voucher, while Amazon happened to be doing an offer on the bread maker at £109.00 as well. That makes the bread maker just affordable for us, and we grabbed the opportunity and bought my new maid.


This bread maker is very clever, apart from bread and dough, it can bake cakes, make jam and compote as well!

My first attempt was Hong Kong style Sausage Buns, which required shaping. I found a similar dough making recipe from the bread maker, and added an extra teaspoon of sugar, as this type of buns are supposed to be sweeter.

I was impressed with the dough, although not sure why the dough looked sunken than blown up when I removed it from the bread maker.

It really is a time saver, all I had to do was measuring the ingredients, and when the dough's done, shape, rest, wrap, deco and bake, we can have our yummy bread again!

The dough recipe I took from the bread maker's recipe book had a slightly denser texture and is definitely not sweet enough. So my next attempt will be using my own recipe. Lets see whether the maker will be happy about them or not!