Thursday, 29 December 2011

Edible Coconut Candy Scrub

Have you ever used a beauty product that smelled so delicious you just want to eat it, but worry about what it will do to you afterwards? When Essential Care contacted me about their Organic Coconut Candy Scrub, they described it as 'taste amazing'. According to them, the body scrub is edible and taste great on crackers. It's like given the green light to eat a beauty product: 'yea go ahead it won't harm you; you can eat in the bathroom no problem.' !!

About the product:
  • £28.00 for 200g (Currently on sale at £22.00)
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Soil Association Certified, multi-award winning product
  • Made of sugar cane crystals, poppy seeds, virgin coconut oil (ie. non-hydrogenated), Shea butter and cocoa butter
  • Includes a scraper
  • Massage on damp skin in circular motion, or dry skin for extra exfoliation

My review:

The scrub was one of the best ones I've used. The main reason is because the oil and butter stayed on the skin to keep it moisturised even after you have rinsed it off. After I wiped my skin dry with a towel, it is feeling soft and plumped. I don't even have to 'cream' myself. Another time saving product for a busy mum!

I have also tasted a bit of the scrub. It is sweet and coconutty, but I think I'll pass because of the Shea butter taste hehe. You might like it though!

Do use the scraper that comes with the scrub as the product will melt as soon as you touch it, so it will be quite difficult to remove some from the jar.

Disclosure: I was given a jar of scrub to try; all opinions are honest and my own