Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Fudge Kitchen - American-style Fudge

When I was still studying in university, we used to buy a box of fudge from Fudge Kitchen. I'm not talking about those hard fudge that can break your teeth if you attempt to bite before it softened and sticks to them if you bite after it's softened. I'm talking about these silky smooth and creamy, made with whipping cream instead of butter, melt in your mouth kind of fudge.

My favourite was the Belgian Chocolate Swirl. I loved it so much, I used them as my wedding favours!

Last month during my visit to the Good Food Show Winter 2011, we saw Fudge Kitchen's stand and all those lovely memories came back to us. I took an opportunity to speak to them, and they kindly gave me a pack of goodies to try.

Chocolate Classic fudge
Indulgent Irish Cream drinking fudge (orange)
Winter Spice drinking fudge (pink)
Gorgeous Ginger drinking fudge (yellow)

Mug too big!
The quality of their fudge remains, it's gorgeous as ever! The drinking fudge was something new to me and I was eager to try. It was very easy to make, just need to add it to warm milk, stir, re-warm it in the microwave and you'll get a lovely, cosy, warm fudge drink, perfect for a cold winter! Next time I'll put less milk in it for a stronger fudge taste ;p

Disclosure: I was given a piece of fudge and 3 sachets of drinking fudge to try; all opinions are honest and my own