Monday, 19 December 2011

MAM New Product - Bite & Relax Mini Teether

We've tried several MAM's products, and were really impressed with their designs (both look and practicality). I reviewed them on my blog and we were especially fond of their travelling storage and sterilising box that comes with their Perfect Soothers, as well as teethers that can be clipped on baby's clothes, just like you would with soothers.

MAM has recently designed a new mini teether that comes with a sterilising box (yay!) that can still be used together with their teether clip (yay!), and invited some bloggers to be the first to test and review them:

About the product:
  • To be launched very soon (RRP £4.00)
  • Bite & Relax Mini Teether (featuring Phase 2 to reach emerging back teeth, 4 months+)
  • Different structures (bumpy patterns) works like acu-pressure that offers various biting possibilities
  • Extra light weight and small size
  • Unique shape trains baby's fine motoring skills
  • Comes with microwavable travel and sterilising box

My review:

Although Clay's front teeth hasn't appeared yet, he has been shoving things deep into his mouth, making us wonder what was going on at the back. I gave him the mini teether and he quickly put it right inside, happily munching away.

The teether is small enough for him to put a whole 'wing' inside his mouth, reaching every single teeth (his mouth isn't big at all, honest!), but not so small that he can put the whole thing in. It can be used together with MAM's teether clip to prevent it from dropping.

Refused to let go
Bit it from my hand instead
The teether has 4 different bumpy patterns for the baby to chew on.

The steriliser box is great to keep the teether clean and is perfect for travelling. It is microwavable, meaning that you can sterilise it on the go. All you need to do is to fill it with water to the indicated level (25ml), place the teether in and microwave at 750 - 1000 watts for 3 minutes.

Disclosure: I was given a MAM Mini Teether to trial and review; all opinions are honest and my own