Thursday, 8 December 2011

Olly the Little White Van

Way before Abby was born, we already had the idea planted in our head that  'if you have a child, tune to CBeebies'. I must say, because of that, we our children has missed out on some really good and equally educating programs.

Since I started blogging and got my social life back through Twitter, I was given more chances to try out new things. Take Olly the Little White Van for example, a children programme that is showing on CITV. I wouldn't have known about it if I didn't see Olly's Twitter request!

About the show:
  • 52-part series of 5-minutes episodes
  • Aimed at preschoolers, telling them that helping others is a good thing to do
  • Every weekdays on CITV channel - 9:45am (double bill) and 1pm
  • Justin Fletcher as the voice of Olly
  • Second series to be aired in January, 2012
  • Toys and games going on sale in Easter 2012

My review:

We were given Series 1 to review. We enjoyed watching the playful and cheerful Olly (a bit like a puppy!) helping his friends in each episode. There is singing and dancing as well which Abby loves. When I found out that Justin was the voice of Olly, we she got even more excited about it! 

I do wish that each episodes can be a bit longer though, to give Abby time to settle in before it's already finished. I think it would upset her if she only get to watch 5 minutes each day!

If you log on their website now, you can get your little ones to make a Christmas Card.

Disclosure: I was given a DVD of Series 1 to review; all opinions are honest and my own