Monday, 12 December 2011

Semi-permanent Hair Straightening at Home

Ages ago, when permanent hair straightening just came out in Asia (way before the UK has it) I became it's slave. You see, my hair was naturally wavy, but frizzy as well. Since young I got into a habit of spending an hour blow drying my hair (obviously causing more damage) to keep my hair straight looking (by blowing it from top downwards). So permanent hair straightening was like my saviour. I remember getting the best compliments when I first came to the UK from girls who would love to have straight hair like mine.

Unfortunately, after I came to the UK, this service was only provided by the odd salons in China Town. The problem is, 1. they were no where close to where I was; and 2, they cost me £180 for the full package (wash, cut, dry and straightening). It only cost me £50 back in Asia! So I ended up straightening (and cutting) my hair once a year, when I went back home. The hair dressers were not pleased at all as you were suppose to have a hair cut at least once per 6 months, with 3 months being ideal.

After I graduated, I had less chance to go back home, so I had no choice but resorted to straightening my hair with a hair straightener. It wasn't perfect, but at least I was presentable, as along these years my hair has changed from wavy and frizzy to bushy and frizzy.

Now that I have kids, I became lazy. And it's really upsetting when it rains after I did a great job straightening my hair.

Last month, I saw Boots advertising this hair straightening kit from Charles Worthington in their magazine. It is suppose to work for up to 6 weeks. It's not permanent, but definitely better than having to straighten my hair every time I washed them or when it rained. So I bought it and happened to get double Advantage Card points as well, sweet!

About the product:
  • £19.99 (Exclusive to Boots)
  • Contains Straightening Treatment x 1, Conditioning Neutraliser x1, After Care Conditioner x1, comb x 1 and a pair of gloves
  • Result last up to 6 weeks

My review:

To be honest it wasn't easy to do it on my own. My hair is so long I can hardly comb the product in and drag it all the way down without stretching it sideways, so it was hard to keep my hair straight. I definitely recommend a helping hand unless you have short hair. The chemical smell didn't bother me at all as I had worst before.

On the box it showed that if you have frizzy, flying all over the place hair, you should expect the result to only fix your frizz. Very honest and true. I kept my hair unclipped and unwashed for 3 days, which is salon recommended if you do it there. Once I washed it, my waves came back. I still have a bit of fly around hair, but the frizz has gone and my hair became much more managable.

The result is obvious and my hubby said that it's much better, he thought that I just needed a long overdue haircut now hehe. I'd definitely recommend this product, just make sure you check the box what result you'll get for your type of hair to avoid disappointment. I'll use it again, with a helping hand, until I can get the chance to do it in the salon for a permanent one.