Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bento Night

Abby's bento
The last time I made a Bento dinner was about 2 years ago when we were still living in the old flat. I was tempted by all the lovely Bento boxes Hong Kong food bloggers made. I then decided that I'd be making Bento boxes every day for Abby when she goes to Primary school. I even bought all the cute Bento box stuff - Hello Kitty lunch box, little animal forks and picks, sushi rice moulds and apple soya sauce container, etc.

The older she gets, however, the more doubt I have about the whole idea of making it every day. It just seems like an aweful lot of work.

Mine cos hubby came home late haha
Recently (a year?) Bento boxes are all over the media in the UK, and when I browsed through Pinterest and saw some really awesome Bentos, I got tempted again!

So here they are, our Bento dinner. Surprisingly, it didn't take that much time to make them. It took me a bit longer because Clay wanted his nap. Abby has finished everything and you can tell that she really enjoyed her dinner!

Abby's bento:
  • Chic rice dumpling (coloured with tumeric powder) filled with tuna, sweetcorn and mayo
  • Re-constructed egg (mashed yolk mixed with mayo)
  • Pearl grapes
  • Heart-shaped and flower sausages
  • Choi Sum flowers (worst bit really but it's something interesting for her to eat)

Mine and hubby's:
  • Heart rice dumpling (coloured with ketchup and tomato puree) filled with sushi rice seasoning powder
  • Re-constructed egg
  • Heart shaped sausages
  • Choi sum leaves
  • Soya sauce in apple container
I suppose I could put more effort and use carrots and other things to decorate the faces, better than all black. But yea, we weren't too bothered and Abby loves seaweed anyway.

I also made some tuna and sweetcorn sushi but was too hungry so I stopped half way and chucked everything else in the fridge. Good I stopped, the rice dumplings were really filling!