Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Built-a-Bear - Friendship Hearts Bears Preview

Last week I did a review on Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies. The same PR sent me these cute Build-a-Bear Workshop's new collection - Friendship Hearts Bears that are about to launch on 9th February, 2012. I chose to post them this week as I'm about to upload my Valentine's Day feature, and I think that these friendship hearts bears are so adorable they could be a lovely gift for a Valentine too!

About the product:
  • £5.99 RRP each
  • 12 to collect
  • 4" mini versions of the Build-a-Bear Workshop's bestsellers
  • Pack includes a 4" mini bear, a heart, an outfit, stickers to decorate the outfit;
  • trading cards, activities, collector's guide, online code that allows you access to special interactive content at
  • Gift set £14.99 RRP (available on 29th March 2012)
  • Heart shaped tin
  • Includes a 4" mini bear, 2 BFF necklaces (1 for you, 1 for the mini bear), special heart that lights up when placed inside the bear, a delux outfit, stickers to decorate the outfit;
  • trading cards, activities

My review:

Like the full sized version, you are suppose to 'put magic' into the heart and then place the heart inside the bear to bring them alive. Each colour has a different meaning, for example, the orange one in this picture means 'Honest'.

You can then put the outfit on your bear and decorate it with the fabric stickers.

What stood out was the quality of the bears. Normally for around £5.00 you get the same sized bear but with much lower quality. The eyes won't be aligned and the nose would probably appear on one side. This doggy looked really cute!

Abby loved decorating the chocolate bear (she said doggy is for Clay), and I was fascinated by her creativity. She actually suggested to place the paw stickers on each paw (it didn't occur to me to decorate anything else apart from the outfit!). She loved it so much she even took the bear out shopping, which I think is the perfect size for a toy to take out.

Disclosure: I was given a couple of bears to review; all opinions are honest and my own