Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Creme Brulee with Mascarpone Cheese

Yesterday on Twitter someone mentioned Creme Brulee. It immediately reminded me of last year's Valentine's Day where we had Creme Brulee for dessert.

They are one of those desserts that are easy to make, hits that tiny spot which makes a meal 10 out of 10, and entertaining for everyone as well by letting your guests caremalise their own topping.

In the past I've never managed to make a successful Creme Brulee. For some reason none of the recipes I followed got the timing right for me. Perhaps my ramekins are a different size to everyone else's?

Anyway, I found this recipe from one of my 5 favourite food blogs and not only did I succeed in making them, they were also the creamiest, makes you want to slip in PJ and take this heavenly pud to bed with you' Creme Brulee I ever had.

Mascarpone Creme Brulee (Recipe adapted from L'Atelier Vi)

(Serves 4 - 6)


175g Mascarpone Cheese, softened
175g Double Cream
95g Full Fat Milk (it's all about the fat!)
90g Egg Yolks
45g Sugar
1-2 tsp Vanilla Essence
1-2tsp Caster Sugar each ramekin to caramelise

Preheat oven to 140 C
Place ramekins on a roasting tin
Prepare boiling water to fill the roasting tin


1. In a bowl, whisk yolks, sugar and vanilla essence together until light and creamy.
2. Add the Mascarpone cheese and whisk until combined and smooth.
2. Boil cream and milk in a non-stick pot over a medium fire until it's simmering.
3. Bit by bit add the cream to the cheese mixture, whisking continously.
4. Strain the mixture into a measuring jug, and skim away any foam on top.
5. Pour boiling water into the roasting tin up to half way up of the sides of the ramekins.
6. Pour the Brulee mixture slowly and gently into each ramekin, and remove any left over bubbles at the top for a smoother finish.
7. Bake the Brulees in the oven for about 35 to 40 minutes until they have set, but still wobble slightly in the middle when shaken.
8. Remove ramekins from the hot water bath and let them cool.
9. Wrap them up with cling film and leave them in the fridge until you are ready to serve (at least 3 hours)
10. Before serving, sprinkle 1-2 tsps of caster sugar evenly on top of each brulee, and let your guest use a blow torch to caremalise the top themselves.

Note - How to use the blow torch:
  • Melt and caremalise the sugar toping by moving your flame in a circular motion, carefully not to stay on one spot for too long. It's done when all the sugar has melted and turned into a golden colour.
  • Beware of guests who aren't watching what they are doing, accidents happen to both people and table! Yes! You! Hahaha!