Thursday, 26 January 2012

Divine Chocolate

If you have been following my blog, you will probably know by ages ago that I love chocolate. I love them so much I even went the extra mile and bought myself enough equipment to make my own homemade moulded chocolate.

Thing is, I got myself a bit spoilt and normal chocolate bars just couldn't fix my need anymore. I just want that luxurious texture and taste only good quality chocolate can provide me. (I bought some supermarket brand value range stuff for an occasion. Seriously? Never again.)

So when Divine Chocolate contacted me, you can't blame me for jumping up on my chair and quickly said 'Yes please!' before I know what they were offering me. They generously sent me three different flavours to try, even if I humbly (not that I really meant to, I want everything from their shop!) asked for just the one.

I have listed the White Chocolate & Strawberry Hearts on tomorrow's Valentine's Day feature, as it fits there perfectly.

About the products:
  • 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries and Orange Milk Chocolate
  • £2.00 rrp (100g)
  • Suitable for vegetarians, entirely natural ingredients
  • Fairtrade chocolate company that's also co-owned by cocoa farmers
  • Has won multiple awards

My review:

Hmm... I went through all my pictures and it appeared that I was indulging myself too much with their chocolate, I've completely forgotten to take a pic of how it looked like inside.

The orange milk chocolate was velvety smooth and didn't irritate my throat at all like many milk chocolate does. The orange flavour was just right and not too overpowering (which I find most orange chocolates are). The whole bar disappeared in no time (I shared! I had to...)

At first I didn't quite like the 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries. I made a mistake by chewing the piece of chocolate instead of letting it melt in my mouth. But when I did, it was quite amazing. The raspberries' sourness balanced the bitterness from the dark chocolate perfectly. It looked lovely as well as the base of the bar is covered with lots of red pieces of raspberries, which for some reason fizzes in my mouth a bit, creating a new sensation! This chocolate bar went down slower as I didn't have to share, hubby wasn't keen in dark chocolate hehehe!

Disclosure: I was given a couple of chocolate bars to try and review, with a packet of chocolate hearts to review on tomorrow's Valentine's day feature; all opinions are honest and my own