Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies

A while ago, Abby was introduced to Moshi monsters by her cousins while they were playing it. I must admit that the game is really cute and much more secure than many other online games. And now Abby has 2-3 accounts because I refused to let the little addict play at home, so she created a new one when she got a chance at her cousins'.

Soon every time we shop, she'll say: 'Loook!! Moshi!!!!' because there are a lot of merchandise, and one of the latest one is Moshi monsters Clay Buddies.

About the product:
  • Blind Foil Pack (£2.99 RRP)
  • To make one of 50 moshlings (the one you grow from the garden, if you have played the game before)
  • 2 Cardboard pieces (1 for the moshling's features, the other for background decoration)
  • 3 Clay pieces
  • 1 Adoption book that includes instructions and information
  • The combination of seeds you use to grow the moshling in the packet in the Moshi monsters game
  • 1 Velcro sticker (12 small squares)

About the product:
  • Box Set (£5.99 RRP)
  • To make 1 of 6 moshis
  • 4 Cardboard pieces (2.5 for the Moshi's features, 1.5 for background decoration)
  • 6 Clay pieces
  • 1 Adoption book
  • 1 Cardboard backdrop scene
  • 2 Velcro stickers

My review:

We started off with the blind foil pack, and had some problem understanding the instructions. I only understood what we should be doing when I opened the box set that explained the instructions in more details. So this is what you do:

If you are provided with a long thin piece of cardboard, you stick that in the main body with a bit poking out to join up with another body part. You use it to join the body to the green base as well.

The velcro provided is for you to stick the cardboard pieces on the clay. So stick the sticky bit on the cardboard face, for example, and then stick the card board face on the clay.

The box set has enough materials for you to make 2 Moshis, the second one in blue. They also include 2 extra faces and a cape to turn your Moshi into a Super Moshi.

Although not very easy, it provided much fun for both kids and adults. Kids as young as Abby had fun even by just sticking the features on the clay. After Abby has finished making them, she started doing role play, kinda cute I think!

Disclosure: I was given a few blind foil packs and box sets to trial and review; all opinions are honest and my own