Monday, 23 January 2012

RedHot World Buffet - Manchester

Last Sunday was Chinese New Year's Eve. We decided to go to Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester, which we booked to go for New Year but cancelled at the end as we were feasting too much during Christmas.

We love buffets in Asia. They do all sorts of themes and are normally quite expensive (over £20 per person) but the experience are always fantastic. Red Hot claimed to be the best and biggest in Europe with 40 chefs prepping and cooking their food, and since they are always quickly booked up, we were really looking forward to it.

Big queue to get in for 5pm booking
Lounge/ Bar area
Lounge sofa - Bling!
We got there a bit early (wish shops don't close so early on Sunday nights!) so hubby and the kids waited in the lounge area while one of the manager kindly showed me around.

He told me the reason for doing an international buffet instead of the usual single cuisine buffet is to provide a good selection of food to a group who has different ideas on what cuisine they want for lunch/ dinner. It's the way forward and to stay competitive. Good thinking!

The restaurant offers Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Thai and English cuisines, and has several live stations (cook to order) including Tepanyaki, Sushi & Seafood, Pasta, Mediterranean, American Pancakes & Belgian Waffles, and Ice-creams.

Healthier starters including: salads, hummus, tomato and mozarrella, etc
Broccoli & Cauliflower Cheese

Braised Pork
English section. I gave Abby some of the above, but because I had my eyes on Japanese and desserts, I saved my tummy for those instead. Abby did ate most of her Brocolli and cauliflowers though.

Crab Claws
Not many buffet places serve crab claws. Although these are made with the same stuff they made crab sticks with, it's still one of the starter I kept going back for. Loved it!

Right: Shredded pork pancake served with Clay's finger;
middle front: Spring roll; Left front: crab claws;
back: prawn, salmon, pickled mooli sushi , salmon hand roll
My first plate. My favourite was salmon hand roll and crab claws. The salmon used for hand rolls are from the better cut, and both me and hubby kept going back for them!

Sushi station
Their sushi is quite good. We reckon that it's even worth it to just come here for Sushi! Think about it, £13.99 per person for unlimited sushi in two hours! Beat any Sushi bars any day! Even the soya sauce is good! I recently went to a famous Sushi Bar chain and their soya sauce was a big disappointment to me. It's just not a soya sauce for Sushi in my opinion.

Hubby's plate of British selection and Mediterranean pancake I think
The BBQ wings and Peri Peri wings are not bad. I loved the burger (the big round brown piece of meat underneath I think a piece of braised pork hehe), very tasty. If it wasn't for Clay who needed a feed I would have gone to grab some for myself.

Tepanyaki in action
Teriyaki beef, onions and beansprouts with rice noodles
This is the most popular station, closely followed by Sushi, according to the manager. We were slightly disappointed that the beef were precooked, and I think they use Olive oil for the Tepanyaki as I can smell and taste the distinct flavour of it, which kind of ruined the dish for me.

Baked stuffed mushroom
Lamb chops with cous cous
Found these 2 really cute dishes at I think the Italian or Mexican counter. They were not bad. Loved the way they served these!

Part of the dessert corner
Completely forgotten to take a picture of the Waffles & Pancakes and Ice-cream station! Half an hour before our session is finished, the dessert area was packed with people, and there were very long queues for ice-creams, pancakes and waffles.

Left to right: Apricot Financier, Espresso Mousse, Creme Brulee,
Strawberry something (forgot), Passion fruit Cheesecake, Walnut Brownie
Lemon Posset
A shame that the financier wasn't fresh anymore. The espresso mousse was lovely and smooth, but very strong as well! Perfect for those who needed a coffee kick! Loved the Lemon Posset, and cheesecake was also not bad. The brownie was okay, but the strawberry dessert was umm err mmm...

I was surprised by the Creme Brulee as i read that one of the customer's only disappointment of her entire meal was the Brulee. It wasn't as good as homemade (hell yea!) but it really isn't bad at all. In fact, we quite liked it.

Left to right: Coconut and Raspberry Cake, Raspberry Panna Cotta,
Mango and Prune Cake, Eton Mess, Tiramisu

I wasn't very keen in the Coconut and Raspberry cake, but hubby loved it. I loved the Panna Cotta, Mango & Prune Cake (I kept thinking that Prune's should be purplish so I was looking for the purple tint lol) and Tiramisu.

I think the Tiramisu was the customers' favourite as I kept seeing the 3 Tiramisu (yes, 3 big containers of Tiramisu at any time!) being refilled. I do think that there is more whipped cream on it than Mascarpone Cheese, but it also made it lighter to eat.

Top left: Belgian Waffle, Bottom: American Vanilla Pancakes
Both me and hubby agreed that the best dessert of the night was the Belgian Waffle. It was so fresh! Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle. Initially I was looking for jam and cream to go with it, but I was glad I kept it plain!

And yes I went for seconds for the Panna Cotta, Mango & Prune cake and Tiramisu. In my defense, I only took thin slices to sample! I missed out on ice-creams as there was a long queue for them. I did try hubby's Lychee Sorbet, it's nice but we both think that it tasted more of Rose than Lychee.

Breastfeeding means no cocktails. So I got one of their mocktails to try out - Safe Sex On The Beach! It was a touch too sweet for us, but it tasted great when we diluted it a bit with a glass of ice. I think this would be fantastic if served with ice shavings, like a Virgin Frostini! Hmmmm!

Overall, it was a pleasant meal. There was a good selection of choices, unfortunately I couldn't try them all (even harder when your favourites are so yummy! Suuuusshhiiii!).

We both think that we would enjoy it even more if we weren't restricted to the limited 2 hours time. I think, even if it does only take 2 hours to eat, when you are told that your session finishes in 2 hours, you do feel a bit rushed. And the fact that there are so many dishes (300 including 30 plus desserts, according to Red Hot) and queues for desserts, you do need some extra time to browse, to think of what you should try next.

We both think that we would definitely come back, going especially after our favourites - Sushi, waffles and other odd dishes in between.

Mini sofas in the Lounge

Restaurant information:

Red Hot World Buffet - Manchester
48 Deansgate
M3 2EG

0161 819 1240

Booking (phone or online) is recommended

See their buffet menu online
Disclosure: I was offered a complimentary meal; all opinions are honest and my own