Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Abby's 4th Birthday Cake - Raspberry Buttercream Cake

Birthday cake, butterfly, raspberry buttercream
For the past don't know how many weeks, I have been planning, designing and testing recipes for Abby's 4th birthday cake. I think mainly because I love baking so much, that cakes for her birthday became a chance for me to make something special. In my defense, I did provided Abby a party she loved!

Birthday cake, butterfly, raspberry buttercream
Anyway, back to the cake. Originally I wanted to make stained glass butterflies, without the cookie frame around it. But I failed and failed, and then decided to make them with white moulding chocolate, and dust them with edible moon dust. I'm quite glad that they turn out well, although they turn soft easily! I was so nervous when butterflies started to drop off from the cake while the kids sang happy birthday to Abby lol.

The flowers were made from pink strawberry flavoured moulding chocolate as I ran out of the white ones. I kneaded purple and blue food colouring paste in them. I loved the moon dusts so much I dusted the flowers as well!

Birthday cake, raspberry buttercream, custard
The cake is made with 600g Raspberry Puree and Custard made with 7 eggs, mixed with 900g Unsalted Butter! It was so smooth and creamy. I love the custard flavour that comes through the sharpness of the raspberry. Mmmmm!

Birthday cake, ladyfinger, cake
I made lady finger cake base that went really well with the raspberry buttercream.

Birthday cake, ladyfinger, cake
Whipped Egg White
Birthday cake, ladyfinger, cake
Birthday cake, ladyfinger, cake
Folding Strong Flour
The cake was delicious, but I didn't put enough cake base in the cake otherwise it would be perfect! (That means that we had lots of left over buttercream hehe)

Although this is Abby's birthday cake, I didn't want to mess around with cutting the cake at the party and shove the slices into the kids' party bags where they will just get squashed with melting butter. So this cake was eaten by us and the family who has kindly popped over to help and attend Abby's party.

I made some cupcakes for the kids instead to bring home in lovely cupcake cases. Will post about it later!

By the way, apologies for not including a recipe. I've used the buttercream and lady finger recipe from this book. Although it's mainly in Chinese, the recipes are also translated in English in the book with clear steps and pictures to follow.