Friday, 24 February 2012

Abby's 4th Birthday Cupcakes

cupcake, butterfly, chocolate
As I mentioned in Abby's birthday cake post, I didn't want to fiddle around with cake slicing just to shove mushy cakes into the party bags. So I decided to make cupcakes for the little kids to bring home.

cupcake, butterfly, chocolate
I knew from Hong Kong food bloggers that there are individual cupcake holders out there for this kind of occasion, or for wedding favours. I Ebayed and found loads! They only cost about 30p each (for 50 cases), and made life so much easier for me and the kids. And you can reuse them as well!

cupcake, butterfly, chocolate
I think while designing these cupcakes I got a bit carried away. Do they look a bit like wedding favours? Hehe. But it matches the birthday cake and the kids were happy. (And I was super happy!) Abby loved them very much as well and has been asking for them. Although she was mainly after the cream cheese topping and the chocolate decorations!

Before I made these cupcakes, I tested out 4 different cupcake recipes. Why the fuss? Because I hate muffins or cupcakes that falls apart right after the first bite. I always ended up with crumbs all over my clothes (or the floor if I was standing). To me, they are supposed to be fuss free. You open the paper case without needing to dirty your hands, then take a bite without crumbs falling all over. It should be suitable for ladies at events without embarrassing themselves. (Not me. I avoid eating them to save me the hassle.)

Mary Berry, victoria sponge, cupcake
As I was saying, I tested out 4 different recipes. One not sweet enough, one so dry hubby almost choked on it. Then one became stodgy the next day (Ahhh! Of course I made sure that it's fresh for the day the kids ate them!) and we had a winner.

Mary Berry, victoria sponge, cupcake
They don't crack much. I accidentally poked a hole out of one while testing
I adapted it from Mary Berry's perfect Victoria Sponge, which was recommended to me by a lovely local blogger Claire Jackson (@cjplus4). The end result was a really fragrant (vanilla), soft and moist cake that is light yet holds together when you take a bite from it.

We were quite upset at the beginning as I thought I only made 4 extras for ourselves (it was that good!), forgotten the fact that I only had 17 kids to give these to (I made 24).

This will be my favourite sponge recipe! If I ever open a cupcake shop I'll definitely use this for my cupcakes. Order, anyone?

strawberry chocolate, chocolate, moulding chocolate
Moulding chocolate roses in the making; melts right onto your fingers!