Monday, 20 February 2012

Abby's Birthday Weekend

For the last 3 years Abby has been celebrating her birthday with family only, as she didn't go to any schools or groups until she became 3 years old, ready for pre-school. Although we have been helping my sister-in-law out with her children's birthday party, we still had no experience in organising one, so we decided to hold Abby's birthday party in an indoor soft play. We thought that we can just go there, sit back and relax and watch the kids go crazy. We were definitely too optimistic!

First I was very confused as the children labels we were given didn't have names on. By the time I thought of writing my own names on them, it was already too late as the first few stickers already went out.

Then there were the odd moments where you spot one of the little friends wandering around with a sad face, because they couldn't find the other ones. It happened to Abby when she was at others' party so I made sure Abby is looking after the ones that are alone. Imagine looking for one child in a room full of children and toys! A few times Abby missed her own party announcements and we had to go hunt her down look for her when everyone was waiting.

Seriously, most of the time I just found myself standing there like a mother duck glancing across the room, making sure all the ducklings were having fun and playing with someone.

I also made the wrong decision by saying yes to party games. Most of the kids weren't interested, because the party hosts weren't really exciting and encouraging. So we decided to release the kids earlier to play again.

party bags, cupcakes
I was going to let Abby give the party bags and cupcakes one by one to her friends when they queue up for leaving. But the party host decided to lay out the party bags and cupcakes on the table. At first I thought it was alright, as they do look lovely on the table that way. But I had no idea he was gonna put Abby on the spot in front of everyone by asking her to choose a little girl or boy to give a bag and cupcake to.

The kids already sat around the table playing with the bags and cupcakes, what's the point on confusing everyone by asking her to take it from the table and give them out again? She was frustrated and confused, not knowing who she should give the party bag to. I felt so sorry for her I told the party host to just let the kids grab the bags and cupcake themselves, which they have already done anyway.

Abby was fine again while I was a tad annoyed by the host. Then, I realised that one of her friend who said would come actually wasn't at the party at all. Right at the end of the party! When there was an extra bag on the table! How bad was that! I think the little girl couldn't make it last minute but they couldn't find my contact number. Ah well...

party, cheeky monkey
The highlight of the party was definitely when Cheeky Monkey came out and danced with all the kids in the disco area. The music was upbeat and fun, and the kids had fun following the moves.

We all looked about 10 years older after the party. I had no idea it was so hectic, even when we had family's help, party hosts, entertainments and toys! But since Abby, her cousins and friends all enjoyed the party so much, it was all worth it!

It has become a family tradition that we would pop into KFC for lunch after a kiddy party. That made up for all the hard work hehe.

Japanese, bento, sushi
Japanese, bento, sushi
After my family saw my previous post about the Bento dinner I made, they've requested Bento this weekend. I didn't have any new ideas so I made the same thing, with different faces this time, and some flowers and Hello Kitty vegetables. Good I had help from my sister-in-law, as making 8 took much longer than just 3!

The next day we all slept till very late, and took everything easy. We started watching some new TV series - The River, Homeland and Walking Dead. Awesome and gripping!

Thanks again to my family for coming over this weekend to help us out. Without you guys, Clay wouldn't be napping at the party, there wouldn't be any balloons, and all these lovely pictures of Abby and the party! We had a fab time and missing you guys already! x