Friday, 3 February 2012

Lovely Day Out - Preston Mariners Way

I've been trying to work out how to move my blog from blogspot to Wordpress. Blogspot has been giving me lots of problems, although it's easy to use. Wordpress on the other hand is customisable, but there is much more to get involved with. And then there is the issue where I'll have to think of how to minimise your problem for following me again.

So while I get on with that, and Abby's birthday preparations, I wanna show you our lovely day out along Preston's Mariners Way (Lancashire).

We took Abby cycling along the river. She's getting much better at it now!

It was an absolutely beautiful day, even though it was freezing!

Found pink berries along the river. Shame I couldn't work out how NOT to focus on the background!

The moss on the edge of the walkway was so thick it looked like a minature garden.

Abby got tired from cycling, so we took her to the pub nearby to play.